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Off the list

Categories: Relationships

I start out pretty optimistic about most people I meet. Or at least that’s how it probably sounds. Take the males of the human species as an example. I like to say I have a list of them that I … Keep reading

Whereas I am queen of this domain…

Categories: Politics, Proclamations, Random

I read an article today in the Arizona Star about government proclamations to mark different things with specific days. The article was very well written to get it’s point across. It made me smile. I have decided that if the … Keep reading

For the love of running

Categories: Exercise, Family, Happy Things

I love running. It’s so freeing. It’s you and the world, and not much else. It’s been more than ten years since I bought new running clothes. In honor of running a marathon to turn 30, I decided I deserved … Keep reading

Great Poetry Reading Day

Categories: Books, Education, Family, Happy Things, Musings, Relationships

I hope you read some great poetry today. It is Great Poetry Reading Day after all. I love poetry. I know some people who don’t. But I believe that is because they do not understand it. Poetry was my favorite … Keep reading

“Officially finished moving” or “Where am I from?”

Categories: Random

Yes, I know it was almost four months ago that I loaded everything I own into a moving van and drove it from Utah to Arizona. You might think that was when I officially moved here. But, as of yesterday, … Keep reading

Oranges, Waiting, & Snow

Categories: Random

I’ve decided oranges are possibly my favorite fruit. They come with their own wrapper. Bananas do too, but bananas bruise and get squishy if I throw them in my backpack on my way out the door in the morning. Oranges … Keep reading


Categories: Exercise, Relationships

Honk is a real cute musical based on the story of the ugly duckling. There are some songs in it that are absolutely beautiful. Honking can also be talked about in regards to relationships. Last night as I was driving … Keep reading