Wonky buildings, inflatable colons, blown glass, and a vent

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Pisa’s leaning tower stabilized: There are some stories about engineers that just make me smile. What’s so wonky about the church steeple in Germany that makes it more wonky than a building that’s been falling over for more than 800 years?

Inflatable, walk-through colon exhibit open: This would be an exhibit I would not want to walk through either just before or just after eating. But if I were in the area, it might be interesting to go to.

Designers teach glass (and themselves) new tricks: I love glass. It’s like water or light or air caught in a beautiful moment of time. This would be something that I would love to go watch. I used to think about learning how to blow glass when I was younger. Now I’d settle for learning how to make beautiful stained glass pieces, and putting them in my home.

Now the vent. Why do companies keep not-improving their products? These new contacts that the eye doctor told me were “great,” are not. They do not last nearly as long as my last ones. They barely even last as long as they are supposed to – one month. My last ones could go three, four, maybe even five months and not have any problems at all. I’d only change them because I couldn’t remember when I’d last done it. Just over three weeks with these new ones though and I’m wearing glasses if I’m just going to be staying at home. These are not an improvement!! I’d get the old ones if I could, but they aren’t making them any more. Makes me wonder if companies un-improve their products, purposefully making them not last as long, so that we have to buy them more often. A pox on them all I say!

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