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I met with a physical therapist today. I do that regularly. This is the first time in almost a year and a half though, so that’s a good run for me. And the last one was for my shoulders. I haven’t been to a physical therapist for my ankle in more than two years.

But today’s visit. She moved my ankle all around. She moved my little toes all around. The one on my right foot wiggles more than the one on my left. She checked the strength of my leg muscles, my hips, my glutes. I have cute glutes (my opinion, not hers), but they really aren’t that strong. The rest of my legs are strong and move well. She looked at my flexibility as well. I told her it’s something I’m working on and could be more flexible. Then she had me lay on my back and she lifted my leg straight into the air. She says I’m plenty flexible for what I need to do. That’s good to hear.

Moving my foot around though, she said there wasn’t any popping or snapping. Apparently keeping off it for a week and a half and icing it a few times a day has been very good for it. So good for me for taking care of it so well.

We looked at my shoes. They are in good shape. Except for the heel of my right one. It’s worn on the outside edge more than it should be, meaning I’m rolling my right foot out more than I should be. Which is probably why I’m having problems. I’m supposed to look for a place that will put just a bit more rubber back there for me.

We put me on the treadmill and she watched me run and walk. I turn my feet out a bit when I’m walking. But everyone does that. It’s called balance. But when I run, my right foot is turned out more than it really should be too. Also probably contributing to weakness in my right ankle.

I have some exercises I’m supposed to do with the elastic therapy band. I’m supposed to work on stretching it out. I’m supposed to mix my road running with pool running this week to help strengthen it without pounding it too much. And I’m supposed to work on balance, especially to make sure I don’t roll my foot out any more.

We’re going to follow up next week and she’ll show me how I can tape my ankle to give it more strength till it can be strong on its own.

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  1. pezao says:

    There’s a shoe repair guy on the north side of Broadway just east of Alvernon that I liked. As I remember it’s kind of a little house with a big “shoe repair” sign on it. I’m sure that he could add some rubber to your right soul for you. Come to think of it he might have been on 5th, not Broadway……

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