Desert Storms

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I opened my door this evening so I could go run some errands and was overwhelmed by the sweet smell of a coming storm. It’s been over 100 degrees almost every day this month, approaching 110 and beyond some days. It’s been, in a word, hot. So that smell of coming rain was wonderful. The sky was covered in clouds and as I drove to my errands I watched lightning dance all around the sky. There wasn’t much rain this time, but it’s only a matter of time.

Soon the storms will be fast and hard. Desert storms start fast and finish fast. And they are furious when they are here. The news stations keep running stories reminding people not to drive on flooded roads. There will still be a few that do and ruin their cars in the process.

I’ve missed the desert storms. The lightning. The thunder. The smell of the rain. The sunsets after the storms. I’m really looking forward to it.

Even better, they cool things down. Maybe I’ll sleep better tonight.

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