Friday at Five

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I saw this on Laylabean’s blog and it looked like fun (more fun than other things I’m working on right now, that’s for sure).

The rules:

Grab your camera and take pictures of the following five things the way they are right now. No adjusting, cleaning, or cheating allowed!
1. Your front door
2. Your bed
3. Your toothbrush
4. The dishes you use most often (you can stage this one)
5. Freebie – your choice.

Then post them to your blog so we can all see them. Don’t forget to put a link in my comments so we can find you.

Here’s what I got.

1. My door – that’s actually my whole “front yard” too.

2. My bed – that’s reflected sunlight coming in the window from the building across the way.

3. My toothbrush.

4. My dishes – These are not just the dishes I use most often, these are all the dishes I own.

5. Freebie – My new running shoes! I’m going to go fast in these.

Your turn. Ready. Go!

2 shared thoughts about Friday at Five

  1. Laylabean says:

    I love your quilt, did you make it? Look at you with your bed all made! You’re doing better than me.

  2. Miss Giggles says:

    I made all the quilted things in that picture. You can see the bottom of the one that’s hanging on my wall. The pillows will someday match the bedspread I’m hand quilting. The quilt that’s on my bed was made so I’d have a bedspread till I finish the hand quilting. I actually tied it backstage during a show I did with the PG Players.

    It’s easier to make a bed when there aren’t boys sleeping in it. :whistle:


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