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Good things grow with time

Categories: Family, Happy Things, Relationships

The saying is that, “good things come to those who wait.” And some things are definitely worth the wait. Especially when you get something this good in the end. And an announcement. Keep reading

Some happy images

Categories: Happy Things

Some pictures of some happy things. Keep reading

I’m a Virgin!!! And that’s okay.

Categories: Gospel, Relationships

It’s this thing called chastity people. Chastity means total abstinence outside of marriage and total fidelity within marriage. It’s not a new concept. It’s as old as the earth. And sometimes you just have to celebrate something like that. Keep reading


Categories: Happy Things, Learn Something

Vinegar. It’s good for more than just meatballs. Keep reading

Bird feeders are magic!

Categories: Happy Things

Why are they magic? Because birds can fly! Keep reading

Is a virtue

Categories: Gospel

There are more virtues than just patience. Why don’t people say, “Humility is a virtue,” or “Kindness is a virtue”? Keep reading

Father knows best

Categories: Family

Happy Father’s Day! I have a wonderful father who has taught me so much. I love him lots. Keep reading