Monthly Archives: July 2009

There was no nineteenth story

Categories: Education, Questions

I am a resident of nowhere. Keep reading

I like WordPress, oh yes I do.

Categories: Science & Tech

A blog post about my love of my blogging software. (because I’m just that geeky) Keep reading

Yes, No, and Numbers

Categories: Meme, Random

A random series of yes/no questions, and a list of states/countries I’ve visited/lived in. Keep reading

So this is what 31 feels like

Categories: Family, Gospel, Happy Things, Life

Thoughts and reflections on growing “old.” Keep reading

A friend is free

Categories: Gospel, Life

Sunday afternoon a friend of mine stopped having to fight cancer. Keep reading

One small step

Categories: Happy Things, Life, Science & Tech

If ever there was a moment in history that I wish I could’ve been there for… Keep reading

Harry Potter!

Categories: Books, Happy Things

My reaction to the 6th Harry Potter movie. Keep reading