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My relationships. My comments on the relationships of others. Some comments others have made about my relationships.

What have we learned?

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Today over lunch I asked Brett what he’s learned in 5 years of marriage. He didn’t need much time to think about it before he came back with that he’s learned he really dodged the bullet. Keep reading


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Here are some of the not-too-sappy and public-appropriate reasons why I am blessed to be married to Brett, in no particular order. Keep reading

Defense of Marriage Acts

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In our own home we do several acts to defend our marriage. … We say “I love you.” We say it a lot. And we mean it. … What acts do you do to defend marriage and the family? Keep reading

The comforting power of touch

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It almost seems like we are born knowing that when someone holds your hand they care about you. All she needs, all any of us need, is a gentle reminder that someone is there for us, that someone cares, that we are not alone. Keep reading

My husband can read my mind!

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It doesn’t work so well when I don’t do my thinking out loud. Keep reading

Dreaming for two

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I’ve heard that bad dreams during pregnancy are common. I think it’s also a common graduate school symptom. So my dreams have been exceptionally bizarre lately. Keep reading

Holding on together

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We walked and talked, moving forward, together. … The stress of infertility has definitely weighed heavy on our shoulders, but we’ve hefted the yoke together. Keep reading