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Here are some of the not-too-sappy and public-appropriate reasons why I am blessed to be married to Brett, in no particular order.

  1. He’s a lot warmer and firmer than my body pillow.
  2. I don’t have to do the dishes every night (I HATE doing dishes).
  3. I couldn’t have made Iddo without him. (Or the doctor, but that’s a longer story.)
  4. He’s awesome with Iddo.
  5. He’s genuinely interested in whatever intellectual pursuit I have at the moment.
  6. He supports all my dreams and ambitions.
  7. We are never at a loss for a conversation or never awkward when there isn’t one.
  8. He thinks my crafting skills are awesome.
  9. We have a stable, secure, loving home in which raise to our children in.
  10. I have a stable, secure, loving marriage in which I find the freedom to become the best me ever.

Love you Brett! :kiss:

5 shared thoughts about Blessed

  1. Mama g says:

    I think you both bring out the best in each other. Love you all. :*

  2. Whitney says:

    :love: :love: :love: :love:

  3. Denice says:

    I agree with your Mom. You two are a match made in Heaven. I love you both and wish you a very happy fifth wedding anniversary.

  4. Brett says:

    I’m not *much* firmer than your body pillow, but that’s a subject for New Year’s, not our anniversary. I am warmer. And I’m still trying to figure out how to get your body pillow to do dishes. Love you too. :brett:

  5. Giggle

    Awww. :love:


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