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My relationships. My comments on the relationships of others. Some comments others have made about my relationships.

Intellectually Attractive

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When I did finally meet him in person, I was thrown off a bit because he didn’t exactly look like his photos. Keep reading

Pi and Ides

Categories: Education, Happy Things, Relationships

Preparations for Pi Day, the Ides of March, … and I was a guest writer for A Practical Wedding again. Keep reading

Perfect in our imperfection

Categories: Happy Things, Relationships

Is it possible that Brett and I are too incompatible to be together? … That’s what makes us meant to be together.
Keep reading

Lessons from the weeds – have good friends

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I don’t worry about making our yard immaculate, I just make sure it looks better than the neighbors’. But it also helps to have neighbors with good yards. Keep reading

Choosing to submit

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She applied 21st century definitions to 17th century translations of 14th century BC writings and culture, particularly with the word “submit,” which she took to mean her husband was her master and she was his servant. Keep reading

Choosing traditions

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I was really worried for our first anniversary that we got one shot to set up traditional anniversary things that we would do and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what those things would be that we would carry on for the rest of our marriage. Keep reading

I choose you!

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Guess what? I still choose Brett. Best choice I ever made. Keep reading