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When I went back to Utah for college, there was something that was very familiar to me – KSL news. I remembered the newscasters from when we lived there when I was a kid. They were the same ones we’d watched as a family.

Working connections, I have autographed photos of Mark Eubank, Dick Nourse, Bruce Lindsay, Nadine Wimmer, Carole Mikita, and Len Randolph. I even attended Mark Eubank’s and Dick Nourse’s retirement parties and got to see the news from behind the camera twice.

This past Wednesday a third, Bruce Lindsay, retired, only I didn’t get to go see him retire because I’m not there now. The times I got to be behind the scenes he was a lot of fun to watch. When he was doing voice over for clips, so he wasn’t on camera, his facial expressions were beyond exaggerated. I figure he did it so he could make sure his voice wasn’t monotone because he couldn’t convey emotion with his face when you couldn’t see his face. It worked. He was good.

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  1. Denice says:

    Impressive. We were in the MTC with Mark Eubank. He is really a nice man.

  2. Brett says:

    I got Bob Welti’s autograph at a Scout-o-rama. Not sure Lisa, but he may even be before your time. :brett:

  3. Kira Walker says:

    You Say you have autographed pictures from Mark Eubank, But I know that he Hates giving autographs, and I would know. I am his granddaughter, he hates being in the public eye, or even being thought of as “Famous”, so if you have autographed pictures, don’t let them out of your sight.


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