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Camp 2012

Categories: Gospel

We had Young Women camp this past week. We were blessed with no fires and enough water so we were able to go up to the church camp site on Mt. Lemmon. … Camp themes – Arise, Going for the Glory, Daughter of God Keep reading

Grocery Sack Holder

Categories: How To, Quilting/Sewing/Knitting/Crafting

I made a grocery sack holder Thursday night. … I’ve decided I like projects that involve both a sewing machine and an electric drill. … Here’s how I did it. Keep reading

Truly random

Categories: Books, Random, Science & Tech

White noise. Finger nails. Long hair. Problems with evolutionary psychology and negative data. Inheriting books. Rocking chairs. Knit fabrics. Heat. Writing. Keep reading

The importance of fathers

Categories: Family, Gospel, Life, Relationships

In the course of my studies I have seen a lot of research on the importance and value of a mother. But fathers are important too. … “Children are entitled to birth within the bonds of matrimony, and to be reared by a father and a mother who honor marital vows with complete fidelity.” Keep reading

Being prepared

Categories: Life, Questions, Science & Tech

A solar storm like the one that happened over 100 years ago … would knock out not just electricity, but water, sewage, gas, communications, all kinds of stuff, and possibly for months. … Can you really call yourself prepared without chocolate? Keep reading

By any other name…

Categories: Gospel, Musings

All of these words describe an adult human female: woman, lady, gal, miss, madam, hussy, floozy, wench, ma’am, babe, broad, chick, damsel. … What difference does it make if I call it Young Women Camp (what it’s actually called) or if I call it girls camp? Keep reading

From the Dennis Observatory

Categories: Family, Happy Things, Science & Tech

Today we’re back at the Dennis Observatory and Solar Laundry Service (95 degrees with a 12 mph wind dries your clothes really fast). This time watching the Venus Transit with a bit more sophisticated technology… Keep reading