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I am not a white noise person. White noise really bothers me. A house down the street had their carpets cleaned yesterday and the whirring of the carpet cleaning motors all morning long darn near drove me batty. I can’t think with that type of noise. Concentration is really hard with that constant droning on. The quieter something is the better. Although I do love music in the background. A melody. Something with rhythm. That’s the perfect background noise for me.

Some times I wish my finger nails would stop growing, or at least grow slower. It seems like I just cut them and already they are long enough to click on the keys of the keyboard, which means they are long enough to bother me. If they could just stay the perfect length for longer that would be great.

I’m thinking it’s about time to donate my hair again. It’s been two years. But just about the time I think I’m ready for shoulder length again I have a completely awesome day with it waist length and I think I’ll hold on to it a little longer. At least I know it only takes about two years to get it this long. And it is nice to be able to pull it back to a bun in this heat.

I love this article from Scientific American – Loving some complex melodies? You could be ovulating! Or not. for so many reasons. First, it brings up a lot of the issues I have with pretty much every evolutionary psychology theory out there. I have issues with that entire field of study. Second, since getting into the research world I’m realizing more and more the need for journals to publish insignificant findings. Because otherwise we are dooming everyone to go on repeating the exact same studies over and over again not realizing that someone else already discovered it didn’t work.

I know not all of my books will be preserved after I’m dead, but I hope that my grandchildren will enjoy reading the books I owned, physically touched, and read as much as I’m enjoying reading the books my grandparents held and read. NPR – Will Your Children Inherit Your E-Books? There are some books currently in our house that will probably enter back into circulation at my will because our plans to build wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves on two of our walls are on hold indefinitely at the moment, so there is limited space. However the ones I truly value will most likely only go back out into the world against my will when I die. Or perhaps I shall will them to someone at that point. It really does say something about the books we value though that we hold on to them like that. I can understand the convenience of e-books, but they can’t beat the smell of grandma’s book. I like my books.

Even better, I’ve taken to spending some time each day sitting in my great-grandma’s rocking chair in our bedroom reading. It’s a creaky old chair. But it is the perfect size. It’s like it was built for me. My feet rest on the floor with my knees at the perfect angle. The back is high enough for me to comfortably put my head back and think. And the wide arms are just about elbow height and perfect for putting a small notebook on to take notes. I love this chair.

I’m trying to understand why people think that just because knit fabrics don’t unravel they don’t need to be hemmed. All of these on-line tutorials I see for knit sewing projects all look sloppy and unfinished because nobody is hemming the edges. Just finish the edge already!!

We have had almost 30 100+ days already this year. I only hope there’s a good monsoon season that goes with it. The past two years have been pathetic. There is a man on a corner I pass frequently who sells newspapers to the passing cars. The other day I noticed he held a small cardboard sign in front of the stack of newspapers he was walking with that read, “Smile. It’s a dry heat.” And it truly did make me smile.

I want to write a book some day in my life. But I don’t know what I could write about that people would want to read. I’ve wanted to write a book since elementary school. I used to think I’d be a fiction writer, but now I don’t know.

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  1. mama G says:

    I want to write a book too. :book:

  2. Brett says:

    I’ve always liked listening to Bach for his complex melodies. What can we extrapolate from this? :brett:

  3. Giggle

    Lisa, I like you.


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