Monthly Archives: July 2012

I don’t understand the rules, and that’s okay

Categories: Olympics

Brett came home from his walk yesterday morning to find me watching fencing. He asked if I knew the rules. I knew that every so often one would poke the other and some times lights would come on. Keep reading

Olympics 2012!!!

Categories: Olympics

Thoughts on watching the London Opening Ceremonies. Keep reading

PhD Problems

Categories: Education

Decreased cognitive functioning as a result of increased cranial mucus. … The idiot who checked the book out till January. Keep reading

One year older and wiser too

Categories: Happy Things, Life

I had a birthday this week. Brett and I turned it into a six day weekend. … Photos forthcoming. Keep reading

Refreshments will be served

Categories: Food, Gospel

There is a mistaken notion going around that I don’t eat dessert. Nothing could be further from the truth. I just don’t eat dessert all the time. Keep reading

Today I… (12 July 2012)

Categories: Life

Today I: Accidentally cleaned the garage; Accidentally washed my car … Reached 50,000 hits on Keep reading

Itchy fingers

Categories: Science & Tech

When I got home from my meeting I told Brett it was nice to not have that distraction sitting on my desk calling to me. Keep reading