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If there were a soundtrack to this portion of your life, what would be on it?

I’d have to include “I’m Yours” from Jason Mraz because that is “our song.” Brett and I still sing along to it when it comes on in the car and we still dance to it just like we did at our wedding.

As Brett and I face the world together, this is the song right now that plays in the background for me (another Jason Mraz song oddly enough, “I Won’t Give Up”). We’re not giving up on our dreams.

“Your Personal Penguin” by Sandra Boynton and sung by Davy Jones would of course be on it.

Here’s a good song for all the writing I’m doing to finish my degree – “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield. Hopefully it won’t all be unwritten for long.

And for those fun moments of dancing around the kitchen, and maybe cleaning it – “Fireflies” by Owl City

There should be some yoga type music on there too, but I don’t have a specific song for that.

6 shared thoughts about Your soundtrack

  1. Brett says:

    Everything you put on there, plus probably Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 (my sit-up music). :brett:

  2. Elsewhere says:

    If you’re a stake president most people think it is “Darth Vadar’s Theme.” Myself, I think mine is “The Andy Griffith Show” – sometimes I feel like Sheriff Taylor, but most of the time I’m just plain Opie.

  3. Denice says:

    Fun comments and they fit your life. I guess I would have to say “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” and “How Great Thou Art” because I have truly been blessed.

  4. Elsewhere says:

    Mine starts with “It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.”

  5. mama G says:

    My list would start with “In The Leafy Tree Tops”, “I Am A Child of God” “We Are Different”, “When We’re Helping We’re Happy, and end with “Families Can Be Together Forever”.
    Big Yay for Primary Songs. :whistle:

  6. Giggle

    Lately? Billy Joel’s “The Longest Time” and “Here in Your Arms” by Hellogoodbye. 🙂


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