Too many books, too little time

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When people find out I’m a reader they almost instantly want to suggest whatever book it is they’ve just fallen in love with and insist that I read it. I understand the feeling. If you ask me for a book suggestion I’ll pull out five from my sleeve without even thinking about it. If you give me a few more minutes I’ll pull up twenty more you’d be daft not to check out.

I know my reading time is limited, so I’m not even going to try to read it all.

Interestingly, people throughout history have always felt there was far too much to read and too little time to do it in, as well as worrying about loosing what knowledge they did have. If people 500 years ago thought there was too much knowledge to learn in one life time, what might they think of the amount available today?

How do you decide what is worth your reading time? What things will you go out of your way to make time to read? How do you find the time to read?

2 shared thoughts about Too many books, too little time

  1. Brett says:

    Usually the first half of the book is worth my reading time. The second half, not so much.

    Reflecting on your posts from the last couple of days, I find it interesting that I had to go to the U of A library to find the National Union Catalog of pre-1956 imprints. If anything might benefit from online publication, it would be that. We’ve still got a way to go before the entire world of information is at our fingertips. :brett:

  2. mama G says:

    🙂 I keep books in the bathroom 🙂


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