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We’re going to the dentist this afternoon. I’ve been to the dentist more times in the last three years (three times) than I went in the ten years before that.

So here’s a short survey with very important questions about life:

  • Do you floss before or after you brush?
  • When doing dishes do you put the silverware business side up or down in the dishwasher/dish drier?
  • Toilet paper over or under the roll?
  • Formal bookmark or random piece of whatever you find lying around at the time?

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  1. Elsewhere says:

    I’m so glad you know what’s important in life! 🙂

  2. Susie says:

    I don’t floss like I should, so I’m just lucky to get it done. But I’ve thought long and hard about it, and it seems like you should floss before. You don’t wipe the counters, THEN scrub the grout. But does brushing push any of the gunk back in?

    Business side down. It doesn’t fit as much in, but then nobody’s grabbing the part I put in my mouth when they’re putting it back in the drawer.

    OVER. No question. The only argument I’ve ever heard for the under argument is “that way, little kids can’t unroll it.” Given by a 40 year old single man who never had kids over. And sorry, but do you really think that kids are so stupid that they can’t figure out to spin it the other way? I don’t like having to dig around for the end. I like it right there on top where I can see it.

    Random piece of whatever, as long as it’s flat. My son seems to have inherited my inability to keep bookmarks, too. They sublimate or something.

  3. Mom says:

    1- before
    2- handle down for washing in the sink, handle up for dishwasher
    3- over
    4- whatever I can find handy
    :tractor: :tractor: :tractor: :tractor:

  4. Brett says:

    1 – More importantly, do you floss in the morning or at night?
    2 – I’m not sure which is the business side, but I do whatever you do.
    3 – This used to be an irrelevant question to me, until I met a few militant “over” people. I bowed to peer pressure. Although … I remember seeing it “under” on a laxative commercial once, and it did affect me in a fuzzy, vague, intangible kind of way. No telling when that demon will resurface.
    4 – Do your love notes count as “formal” or as “random pieces of whatever?” Never mind, I think I know the answer.

  5. Heidi says:

    1. I floss whenever I remember to. Sometimes before, sometimes after.
    2. Depends on the silverware–I tend to put spoons and knives handle-up, and forks handle-down.
    3. Over. It seems cleaner that way.
    4. Yes.

  6. Denice says:

    I am not as good at flossing as I should be.

    I don’t have a dishwasher but I put the silverware in a basket to dry with the handles up.

    Over — I like it that way.

    Usually a formal bookmark but sometimes whatever is handy.


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