Ah. That felt good.

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Due to various circumstances I haven’t done any running for the last six months. Two weeks ago I figured I should probably get some running in while I could because I won’t be able to again soon. And I went for three miles. And it felt so very good. :run:

Turns out there was a 5K today sponsored by the Tucson chapter of the BYU Alumni Association. I graduated ten years ago this weekend. It’s probably about time I started doing some alumni events.

I decided since I really don’t have a running base I’d walk if I needed to. Brett came for moral support, cheer leading, and photo taking. I commented at the beginning that normally when you see that many strollers at a race there are three to four times the number of runners in the race. Seemed like at least a third of the people had a stroller. The race started late and with an opening prayer. I wasn’t surprised by either.

The race was an out-and-back on a bike trail. The winner passed me 11 minutes in just as I was getting to the 2K mark. I passed the stroller pack on my way back about the 20 minute mark. I ended up running every step, and I even ran negative splits.

  1. 6:20.44
  2. 6:16.50
  3. 6:23.08
  4. 6:07.61
  5. 5:56.33

My total time was 31:03.96, pretty much a ten minute mile, about what I was expecting.

I felt like me. I needed that this morning.

5 shared thoughts about Ah. That felt good.

  1. Elsewhere says:

    Yay Lisa! great job

  2. Mom says:

    Dad and I are proud of you. :run: :run:

  3. Elsewhere says:

    way to go!

  4. Denice says:

    We are proud of you also. I know that running is beyond my capacity now.

  5. Brett says:

    Ah. That felt good for me too. You know how much good I get out of pointing and clicking. :brett:


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