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My first year in college I was taught that “Man makes plans and God laughs.” And I’m definitely a planner.

When I was 14 I laid out how my life was going to happen. When I turned 16 I was going to date the guy I thought was real cute and it was going to be great. I was going to graduate high school at 17. I was going to go to BYU and study education. I was going to serve a LDS mission at 21. I’d get married on February 2nd at 2:00pm and then graduate from BYU two months later. And then I’d be a wife and mom. That was my plan.

In February of this year I was asked to share how I find joy in who I am, and especially who I am as a woman, with the young women at church. As I thought about it I felt I needed them to know that your plans can go all wrong and you can still be happy. Because we are not the ones making the ultimate plans.

So I pulled out one of my rolls of adding machine tape (because everyone has those lying around), and drew out the time line I thought my life would take when I was 14, complete with lovely stick figures. And then I got an even longer piece of paper out and drew out a time line of what actually happened (with more stick figures).

Turns out there has been a lot more to my life than I’d originally planned. My 14 year-old self only had a ten year plan. Along the way there have been a few other plans that came up. When I graduated BYU I said I’d teach for two or three years and then get a Masters. That plan worked. While I was getting my Masters I decided I wanted a PhD and I figured I’d go to Texas to get that. The PhD part is working out but the Texas part wasn’t right.

16 Date and enjoy it. Dated, and it wasn’t that great.
17 Graduate from high school. Graduated from high school.
18 Go to BYU and get a degree in education. Went to BYU and studied education.
19 (BYU) (BYU)
20 (BYU) (BYU)
21 Serve a LDS mission in London. Served a LDS mission in Brasil.
22 (mission) (mission)
23 Get married on 2 February at 2:00pm.
Graduate from BYU.
Student taught in Mexico.
Graduated from BYU.
24 Have kids and be a mom. Got a job teaching computers at Mt. Mahogany Elementary School.
25 (Mt. Mahogany)
26 Got involved in community theater.
(Mt. Mahogany)
27 Learned to belly dance.
Started my Masters Degree at the U of U.
(Mt. Mahogany)
28 (Mt. Mahogany)
(U of U)
29 Finished my Masters Degree.
(Mt. Mahogany)
Moved to Arizona.
Started my PhD at the U of A.
30 (U of A)
31 Got married on 14 November at 1:00pm.
(U of A)
32 (U of A)
33 Almost graduated…

I made a plan and moved my feet. And God shook his head and chuckled at my plan a little and made sure my moving feet were on the path that would bring me the most happiness. I’m really glad my loving Heavenly Father loves me enough to give me the life I actually need rather than the one I think I want.

7 shared thoughts about Man makes plans…

  1. Mom says:

    I didn’t plan on living in Kentucky again, and in an appartment again. But here we are and we are fine. :tractor:

  2. Lara says:

    Recently, we made a plan for Josh to quit surgery, return to AR. I would teach full time and Josh would be a pathologist. We did. And 18 months later–we live in Wisconsin, I had another baby and find myself more baby hungry then I’ve ever felt?! I’m not teaching and Josh is training to be a surgeon.
    Life is a ride, hope we are enjoying it!!

  3. Giggle

    I’m grateful for a bunch of that reality because I was able to meet you and you were able to teach my sons.

  4. Brett says:

    You did marry a guy who regards February 2 as something close to a sacred holiday, so I think you should put a check mark on that one. :brett:

    • Giggles says:

      That is true. What were you doing on February 2, 2002, because that was the date I was going for. Although now when I think about it, November is the only thing that really feels right for that. :lisa:

  5. Denice says:

    I agree with Brett. My parents wedding anniversary is Feb 2nd so that day is important to me also. As I have watched my children, I know that life doesn’t fit your plans and goals but it is fun to have them. And it was a clever idea to use adding machine tape.


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