Current steps to graduation

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Here’s a reference of the steps I need to do before graduation and the approximate dates that some of them will be happening. Now you can stress about it with me! 😮

  • Minor written comprehensive – It is a paper I wrote titled Expert Teachers “Take Chances! Make Mistakes! Get Messy!”: A Literary Example of Expert Teaching
    Status: Submitted 25 April, awaiting evaluation.
  • Major written comprehensive– This will be two different papers.
    1. Motivation Measure Pilot Study – currently only in outline form. Needs to be submitted by April 30th
    2. Self-Efficacy literature review – need to finish up the last section. Needs to be submitted by April 30th
  • Dissertation data collection – Final data will be gathered the week of May 7th
  • Major oral comprehensive – Meeting scheduled for Monday, May 14th
  • Formal dissertation proposal– Meeting scheduled for Monday, May 21st. Before then I need to have basically the first three chapters of my dissertation written and submitted to my committee by May 7th.
    1. Chapter 1 – Background information, research questions, hypotheses, importance… Currently in bulky outline form (sentences and sections of paragraphs, but not smoothed out)
    2. Chapter 2 – Literature review, See written comprehensive (yes we planned it this way on purpose)
    3. Chapter 3 – Methods. Even bulkier outline than chapter 1.
  • Data analysis – Planned for June
  • Dissertation defense– Meeting to be determined. I’ll need to write the final two chapters before then.
    1. Chapter 4 – Results
    2. Chapter 5 – Discussion/Conclusion
  • Graduation – Determined by when I’m able to schedule my defense.

There are of course all kinds of forms and whatnot that need to be signed before and after each event it seems like. So I need to keep track of all of those. And pay the fees that go with all the forms. But the list is a lot shorter than it has been.

Today’s Story People Story of the Day – Falling Into Place, is actually rather perfect for the way things are going right now.

2 shared thoughts about Current steps to graduation

  1. Mom says:

    I love the “Falling Into Place”. That’s kind of my pholosphy of life.
    And…. Big yay on the graduation plans. It looks like they will “fall into place”.
    :heart: :tractor:

  2. Denice says:

    WOW! It will be worth it but I can see why you are stressed.


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