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Too exciting for me

Categories: Happy Things, Life

Although maybe what he’s saying is that compared to tree watching his life is real exciting. Is “exciting” the same thing as “hectic”? Keep reading

Faith like Martha, Waiting in Bethany

Categories: Gospel, Musings

I think we judge Martha too quickly when we read about her and her sister in Luke. There is another story about the two sisters in John. … When he gets near Bethany it is Martha, not Mary, that rushes to meet him, before he even arrives in the city. Keep reading

What happened to the old lady?

Categories: Random

Brett wants to know what happens next. … Do you know (or can you make up) what happened next for Brett? Tell the story in the comments. Keep reading

An open letter to the President

Categories: Family, Health, Infertility, Life, Politics

Mr. President, With the current healthcare debate about the mandate to cover the prevention of children, I must ask why there is no mandate to cover the creation of children? … Keep reading

I’m so lucky

Categories: Family, Happy Things, Relationships

This post, post number 1111, is dedicated to Brett (because he said he’d care when the post was #1111). … At the risk of being too mushy gushy in public, here are 1111 reasons why I’m the lucky one in this relationship. Keep reading

Meeting Friends

Categories: Books, Relationships, Science & Tech

“I need to go meet my friend” doesn’t necessarily mean I am going to meet up with them at some designated place that we have both planned. It can also mean that I actually have to go physically meet these people who are my friends … Keep reading

The Post “Kick-Off Show” Show

Categories: Random

We like watching the post “kick-off show” show every year, especially the commercials. It’s a great excuse to eat … Keep reading