Wow! I’ve been productive!

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Between February and the end of June I was EXTREMELY productive. I made:

completed projects

  • 2 racing turtle shirts
  • 2 fleece pillow covers, assisted by Iddo
  • 3 Easter skirts and matching Easter doll dress
  • 4 tiny stuffed Easter bunnies
  • 5 toddler neckties
  • 2 birthday shirts for 2-year-olds (duck and lion)
  • 1 flannel baby blanket, 1 knitted baby hat, 1 pair knitted baby booties, 1 baby coming home outfit with dinosaur shirt and a pair of shorts, 1 tiny stuffed turtle
  • 4 swaddle babies
  • 6 IKEA bookcases built and anchored in our newly organized master bedroom
  • 1 pretty spiffy room divider
  • 1 baby quilt
  • 2 marble mazes and 1 stuffed bear made by Iddo for her siblings, assisted by me
  • 2 flamingo shirts
  • 1 flamingo skirt and matching doll dress
  • 1 pair flamingo pjs and matching doll pjs
  • 4 pairs of men’s pants mended (no photo)
  • 1 tiny human grown to completion

I’m pretty sure I haven’t had a series of months that productive in a long time. I fully expect the streak to be over now that the tiny human has arrived though. We shall see.

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    I’m very glad you included that tiny human. Great job all around!


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