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Every day at noon I face the task of getting lunch for three kids and then getting four kids down for naps. It takes a good two hours before the house is quiet. And there’s a lot of noise before that quiet starts. I get lunch for our three bigger kids and they eat at the table. Since there’s no telling how much lunch they want to eat on any given day it involves making seconds and sometimes thirds to prevent throwing away as much lunch as possible. Lunch is either leftovers, PB&J, or black beans & rice. During lunch I’m either nursing the baby or keeping him happy in some fashion. Then it’s three sets of “stickies” to clean off their hands before things start to really get busy.

Shimri goes down first. I get her a clean diaper, put her in her sleep sack, and then nurse her while singing her special song and then we do some cuddles, a big hug, and she’s in her crib. Then I get Shimei and do the same thing – diaper, sleep sack, nurse while I sing his special song, cuddles, a big hug, and he goes in his crib. And where’s baby Izri this whole time? On the floor or in his bouncy chair crying because I’m not with him right then and he’s tired too. Then I send Iddo to the bathroom and to get a book for me to read to her while I change Izri and get him swaddled and then sit down on Iddo’s bed to nurse Izri and read to Iddo and then I sing to the two of them together and tuck Iddo in before sitting on the couch to finish cuddling with Izri till he falls asleep.

Are you tired yet?

And this is where my hero steps in.

We recently found this video from Sesame Street and have been listening to it a lot.

Iddo is my everyday hero. While I’m getting Shimri and Shimei down for their naps she sits next to Izri and plays him music from the FisherPrice doll house or sings to him or helps him with his pacifier or gets him blankets to wrap around him, anything to make sure he knows he’s not alone. And for the most part it works and he doesn’t cry and isn’t sad. She’s Izri’s hero because she helps him when he’s feeling sad and she’s my hero because she helps me do something I can’t at that moment.

Yesterday she decided to dress the part with her super hero mask and cape.

My hero!

Super heroes help people. Iddo is my hero.

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  1. Brett says:
    2 people giggled

    Awesome! Thanks, Iddo.

    I never knew until recently that there could be so much effort and involvement in something as simple and beautiful as lunchtime. Thanks for taking on the challenge, sweetheart. :brett:

  2. 1 person giggled

    Super Iddo for sure!


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