There’s still hope for the rest of us

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The morning of September 11, 2001 I taught fourth graders in Mexico about really big numbers while I was hearing updates about something bigger than I could imagine happening in the United States. Updates about fear, hate, devastation, and death.

The afternoon of June 23, 2017 I sat on our couch reading the news of the world and all the crappy things going on around. Devastation. War. Corruption. Hate. Violence. There was a lot of bad going on in the world that day. Just like there is any other day you read the news.

But while I was sitting there that day I was also holding our brand new, not-quite-4-day-old son in my arms, watching him sleep. Watching him completely at peace. And I knew that as long as God was still sending such perfect souls to this world that He still had hope for our future.

There will continue to be devastation, war, corruption, hate, and violence. But I will hope that we will continue to have updates similar to the service, caring, and unity that followed the terrorist attacks in 2001. And I will take this hopeful new soul, and his siblings, and I will do my best to raise them to serve, care, and love. Because as long as they are still coming there’s still hope for the rest of us.

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