February 20th and 21st at the Olympics

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Olympic ringsCarnage (but not really). Falling down and getting back up. Snowboarding. Skiing. Missing the culture segments. And finally, women’s hockey gold!


Amanda: Apparently there is some sort of process for cleaning the ice after a collision in short track. It involves what looks like a smoother tool and a fire extinguisher?
Maybe it was actually the aftermath of a blade breaking at the start of the race. Watching the skaters get their skates fixed now.
From the short track commentator at the start of the women’s 3000m relay: This is helter skelter stuff. Hold onto your hats.
Lots of skaters falling – “There is carnage all over the place!”
(No actual carnage, I should point out.)
In 2-Man luge, each person has some steering responsibility. What about in bobsled? Unless you’re the pilot do you just fold yourself in and hope for the best?
Seems even more extraneous with 4 people.

Lisa: Everyone has to lean just right for the curves in bobsled. With 4 I think the trick is getting everyone into the sled quickly.
I’m glad there was no actual carnage.

Amanda: That makes sense.
Me too. Drama, but no carnage.

Lisa: Woman’s downhill and Shimri and Shimei are arguing if the skier fell down or if she got back up.

Amanda: Can it be both?

Lisa: Most of their arguments can be both. Doesn’t mean they won’t argue about it though. 😁

Amanda: That’s fair.

Lisa: Can you play this when you are at the Olympics so that my kids do their trick at the Olympics? {video of the kids doing their Olympic trick}

Amanda: Of course!
Watching ski cross on Japanese tv at my favorite ramen place. Can’t understand the commentary, but I don’t need to!

Lisa: I’m watching men’s big air.
Is ski cross as fun as board cross?

Amanda: I was about to say fewer crashes, but then I looked up and saw footage of medics and a skier, so I’m going to say yes.

Lisa: Talking Olympics with my friends at the children’s museum today and they agreed that ski half-pipe just isn’t quite the same as snowboard half-pipe.

Amanda: They just don’t get the same air.
The crashed skier just got evacuated on a stretcher pulled by a snowmobile. I hope they are okay!
I can read most of the screen. It says freestyle ski, ski cross. In Japanese.
Ooh. The other part says tournament.
And there is kanji I can’t read.

Lisa: That’s amazing since you’ve only been there a bit over a year.

Amanda: Reading katakana is a lot like playing Mad Gabs. You sound it out and roll it around in your head until it makes sense, so long as it’s an English word they are using. So, tournament sounds out as tonamento.

Lisa: Sometimes talking with toddlers is a lot like Mad Gabs too. Context definitely helps.

Amanda: For sure. I called my brother for his birthday this week and as soon as he answered I said 誕生日おめでとうございます。And he asked if that was Happy Birthday in Japanese. Yes, indeed! Context is very helpful.

Amanda: And now I’m full of delicious ramen and my tongue is only kind of burnt, so it’s down the street to main base for errands time.
And I was approaching the base shuttle bus stop just as I realized I might be able to catch it. So I jogged a little. Made it to the stop with one minute to spare, but jogging on legs sore from dance with a ramen filled tummy may have been unwise.
But hey, it will save me at least 10 minutes of walking.
It only runs every 30 minutes or so, so I don’t even usually try unless it serendipitously works out.

Lisa: Maybe they should make catching a bus with a belly full of ramen after dancing an Olympic sport.

Amanda: 🤢 🤮

Lisa: Okay. Maybe not.

Lisa: Men’s short track, a whole block of North Korean fans waving their fans in perfect unison. It was a bit unexpected.
Interesting results in women’s short track relay.

Amanda: Yes! That was the one with the drama and carnage.


Amanda: Buzzfeed: 18 Tumblr Posts About The Olympics That Are Just Really Frickin’ Funny

Lisa: Yup. That’s about right.
Were you able to get your tickets stuff worked out?

Amanda: Not yet. And there have been further schedule changes to complicate things. So in a short bit, I’m on my way and hoping for the best.

Lisa: Good luck.

Amanda: Thank you.

Lisa: Iddo was introduced to cartwheels last week at her gymnastics class and has decided she knows how to do them now after three attempts (she knows the specifics but still needs help making her body do it). She wants me to video her doing one tomorrow to send to you to play at the Olympics.
(her class is tomorrow morning)
I have seen almost zero cultural pieces about what life is like in South Korea. It’s disappointing.
I’ve seen a tiny blip about wandering around the city eating the variety of foods.
And I saw another blip tonight about being able to dress in traditional garb and if you are wearing the traditional clothing you can get into any temple for free.
But that’s it.

Amanda: That should work!

Lisa: Come on! Tell me what the people are like so that I can get to know them and care about them and we can promote more peace in the world!
Vonn went off course. That’s a bit disappointing.

Amanda: That’s true. Might be palaces though. Temples are free anyway.
That’s pretty much what I do. That’s exactly the plan for dinner tonight.
Hear hear!

Lisa: Women’s gold medal hockey match between Canada and US just went to a shoot out after still being tied after over time.
Good opportunity to see the goalies’ helmets.
Izri is probably going to wake up and need me before the shoot out is over.

Amanda: Exciting!

Lisa: Still tied after they each had 5 shots. Now they just shoot till someone scores but someone else misses.
We WON!!!

Amanda: WOOHOO!!!!!

Lisa: We just smooshed our goalie as everyone piled on top of her.

Amanda: Naturally!

Lisa: Good thing they’re all wearing pads.

Amanda: Probably both heavier, yet safer.

Lisa: WOW! The goaltender was the age of Izri the last time the US won the gold.

Amanda: When was that?

Lisa: 20 years ago.
Canada won the last 4 gold medals.

Amanda: Awesome!

Lisa: They are playing “Born in the USA” over the speakers in the arena.
Ten medal events today. Busiest day in Winter Olympic history.

Amanda: Ha!
Because they rescheduled some from tomorrow. 😡

Lisa: Right.
If I stay up just a little longer I can watch a tie breaker curling event!
I think I’ll go to bed.

Amanda: Probably a wise choice.

February 18th and 19th at the Olympics

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Olympic ringsCurling pants discussion. Athlete body types. Names for tricks and techniques. Bobsleds. Falls, but getting back up. Just another day at the Olympics.


Amanda: One of the snowboard commentators on the live feed sounds like an actor from Call the Midwife.

Lisa: Bobsledders have a very different body shape than lugers and skeleton sledders.
I’d wondered why the grooves at the start for luge and skeleton were wider than their sleds. Turns out they are as wide as bobsled tracks.
German sled tipped just at the end.They finished on their side but finished.
You’ve gotta find a replay of the USA vs NOR men’s curling, just to see the Norway pants.
They are AWESOME!

Amanda: I was reading an article yesterday about life in the Olympic Village one of the interviewed athletes said they like to try and guess the person’s sport by their body type.

Lisa: You could definitely do that.

Amanda: Checking it out now!
No, it didn’t load. Pook.
Bah. Lame.
I’ll find it on replay later.

Lisa: I tried googling to get a picture of them. I could only find two bad views on instagram.

Amanda: That’s okay. I will find a way.
Watching the women’s snowboard big air quals, so I have a good idea of where I’ll be and what I’ll see on Friday.
Looks like I’ll have a good view. This is going to be fun!
Half pipe skiing just isn’t as exciting as snowboarding.

Lisa: Johnny Weir – not wearing a sweater tonight.

Amanda: Yeah, we just tuned in and wow.

Lisa: To be fair, it’s kind of what an ice skating outfit would be if it didn’t have to be skin tight.

Amanda: It’s true. And you should be able to dress true to yourself. As outrageous as that may be.
I hope these arm straps stay up!
Also, he looks like Benedict Cumberbatch.

Lisa: Brett’s not sure about the term “twizzle.”

Amanda: It’s not much stranger than the names for the snowboard tricks.

Lisa: And in figure skating there’s sow cows and lutzes.
There exist Olympic Oreos. But our grocery store didn’t have any so Brett bought regular ones. We’re going to eat this bag so we can justify going to a different store looking for Olympic ones again.

Amanda: Which I think is spelled salchow. I know in snowboarding, the person who creates the trick can name it, which explains some of the silly names. Boarders are no necessarily the most serious of people. And sometimes high. Maybe it’s similar in ice dancing or skating? You do it, you name it or it’s named after you?
I would support looking even before finish the first bag. Also, s’more Oreos are best when frozen. In case you need to know.

Lisa: They had to develop rules for naming gene mutations because the geneticists studying them in fruit flies kept using weird names geneticists talking to human patients couldn’t use for the same mutations in humans and keep a straight face.

Amanda: Yes, salchow was invented by Ulrich Salchow in 1990.
An axel is named after Axel Paulsen who created it in 1882.

Lisa: Well there you go.

Amanda: I’ve been to Gangnam. It’s where I stayed with my parents. I didn’t see all the craziness, but I was there.
Also, based on Wikipedia, Lipinski basically disappeared between 2000-2013.

Lisa: Based on Wikipedia I’ve been disappeared since 1978!

Amanda: Ha! To be fair, you’ve never been a nationally public figure.

Lisa: Not that Wikipedia knows about anyway.

Amanda: Or that I know…

Lisa: Me either.

Amanda: Oh well.

Lisa: I like it better that way.

Amanda: Less pressure. More privacy.
Malcolm does not appreciate the hockey whistles and has climbed on my lap for comfort. Time to find another event.

Lisa: I’ve either got hockey or local news here right now for another 20 minutes.

Amanda: He actually scurried out from under the dining room table when I came back in the room and I knew he needed me, so I sat down. I had been putting away laundry. I’ll finish that eventually.

Lisa: It’s so cute when our littles need us.

Amanda: We’ve got some curling on the live feed. Very beginning of the USA v CAN game.
Yes it is.

Lisa: You’re right. Ski half-pipe just isn’t the same. They don’t catch the same air. I wonder why that is.

Amanda: Good question.


Lisa: A bell lap on a 1.5 lap race is a bit weird. Gun, bell, done.
Two-man bobsled. You want to ask “How often can that happen?!” And the answer would be that the exact same thing happened 20 years ago. Amazing!
Just saw a Canadian skeleton helmet with a moose on it.
This was the first year for ski half-pipe.

Amanda: I thought it was Sochi? Oh well.
500m? That is a short race.
Ha! What was the thing that happened?

Lisa: Tie for gold between Germany and Canada.
Iddo is coloring an Olympic page so that when she goes there she can hold a sign. I’ll send you a picture of it and you can hold it up on your phone for her.

Amanda: Cool!
If you email it to me, I can print out and take photos with it. I’m not bringing my nice camera, just my phone.

Lisa: She’s agreeable to this plan.

Amanda: Excellent!

Lisa: We’ll send a photo of Shimri doing her Olympic trick so she can “do” her trick at the Olympics.

Amanda: I like it!It = the plan

Lisa: Canada driver said he crossed the line and saw that he was in first and was excited and then saw the German team jumping up and down and thought, “Wow, they’re really excited for us.”

Amanda: Ha!

Amanda: The Korean ice dancing pair’s costumes are based on traditional dress and they are lovely.
“Already the beat is important for this music.”
Um, when is it not?

Lisa: Brilliant!
Shimri keeps pointing out excitedly that the half-pipe skiers aren’t falling down.

Amanda: For me, that would be all I ask. Since I’ve never skied in my life.

Lisa: I skied in 6th grade several times. I don’t have a future in it.
I believe half-pipe skiing was an exhibition sport in Sochi.

Amanda: Ah. Ok.

Lisa: The French pair sitting on the couch being very French after Virtue and Moir skate.

Amanda: I had to leave well before the medal contenders skated. But I just got notified that Virtue/Moir won! I’ll try to watch the replay.

Lisa: I liked the brother/sister team from the US. But I’m also partial to Cold Play’s music.

Amanda: I’ll watch their routine too.
This [postponing of the big air competition to a day earlier] is not awesome.

Lisa: Nope. That’s not.
I saw they were changing some of the alpine skiing events due to weather concerns too.

Amanda: Me too. It’s this exact reason I downloaded the app, so I would get notified of changes. I was hoping I wouldn’t. 😔

Lisa: Postponed might be the wrong word for moving it forward a day.
“Rag dolling” in the half pipe is just as bad to watch as it sounds.

Amanda: Yeahhh.
That definitely doesn’t sound good.

Lisa: Watch the “Zamboni” of the half pipe. 8 guys in a backwards flying V going down on the long end of their snowboards to smooth out the bottom of the pipe. Kind of cool looking actually.

Amanda: I’ve seen that!

Lisa: Of course having to do it because a guy rag dolled against the edge of the pipe down into it, not so good.

Amanda: Watching the replay of the last five skaters of the ice dancing. They are currently warming up.

Lisa: I need to go look up the Korean ice dancers you mentioned.
I love the women in the red coats at the tiger ceremonies who shoo the athletes all onto the top tier for the final photo.

Amanda: They’re pretty.

Lisa: Twenty-seven nations have won medals at these Olympics, more than any other winter Olympics.

Amanda: Cool!

Lisa: The Korean ice dancers were beautiful!

Amanda: Quite!
Virtue and Moir were incredible!
My contact for the Olympics is going to try to get us to ski cross. Fingers crossed (heh) that she can get tickets, refund her old ones, and get our driver to change our time!

Lisa: Definitely crossing fingers.
We’re going to email you some photos in the morning for you to take to the Olympics for us.

Amanda: Sounds good!

February 16th and 17th at the Olympics

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Olympic ringsMore curling (I don’t recall seeing this much curling in past Olympics). I’m learning so much about the sport. I’m also enjoying seeing true displays of the Olympic spirit by the athletes.


Lisa: It’s been interesting for me to realize that there is no snow on the take-off hill for the ski jump.
I just always assumed there was.
Norway wearing large polka dot pants today.
Also curling next to the USA vs Sweden game and the Norse and Swiss are chatting while their opponents send their stones down.
NBC just showed the South Korean coverage of Iron Man’s skeleton run last night. And they talked about the Ghana skeleton guy who came in last but loved it. His helmet was a rabbit escaping a lion’s mouth and he says he’s the rabbit. Pretty cool all around.

Amanda: I don’t think I realized that.
Of course they are.
I love it!

Lisa: Tonga guy did great in his event. And by that I mean he enjoyed it and supported the other athletes, including the Mexico skier who came in last carrying a giant Mexican flag across the finish line.

Amanda: That kind of spirit, from both athletes, is what the Olympics are all about.

Lisa: Exactly.
And the race was apparently only the second time the Tongan had been on snow.

Amanda: 😮

Lisa: Love Madison Olsen of freestyle skiing. She did an awesome job sticking her fall and smiling after.

Amanda: That’s definitely good!

Lisa: Apparently in slope style skiing you can cross the finish line backwards.

Amanda: Fascinating!

Lisa: And apparently it’s not uncommon to do so.
Lauren loves any “flipping” sport. She’s not impressed with speed.

Amanda: Flipping is a somewhat more fun to watch. Racing against actually people is more fun than just racing against the clock too.

Lisa: She doesn’t fully grasp time yet.

Amanda: That’s also a pretty important factor.

Lisa: Oooh – men’s long program to the imperial march.
Well, a version of it anyway.
John Williams is awesome.
The cantina song!
Jin from China skating to Star Wars.
I like it.
I missed the Japanese skater. 🙁 I was checking the mail because Brett didn’t want to (because there was a letter to me from him in the mail).
I’m wearing my Olympic jacket now though because it’s oddly cold right now. Well, actually, we’re about average temperature but because we’ve been so above average for so long right now it actually feels cold.
The pile of stuffed Pooh Bears they have to bag up for him after was massive.
Spanish skater skating to Man of La Mancha!!
Reach the unreachable stars! Is there a more perfect Olympic sentiment?!
Inspiring. But I’m kind of partial to that music.

Amanda: I hope it was a nice letter!
Any excuse to wear that jacket is a good enough excuse to me.
And so appropriate for the Spanish skater!

Lisa: It was a lovely letter.
So absolutely perfect. I hope you get to see it.
There were some great performances tonight.
Or tomorrow afternoon.

Amanda: I’m glad. 😊 I sent Blake a postcard from China.

Lisa: Or however that works.

Amanda: I should be able to find it on replays.

Lisa: It was a whole lot of them.
I was hoping he’d do something like that.

Lisa: My reaction to Johnny Weir tonight, “Well, that’s a sweater. I think.”

Amanda: It’s probably either that or find some way of getting them home. That would get overwhelming quickly.

Lisa: The Mexican skier who came in last, but finished:

Amanda: 👍🏻

February 17

Lisa: Um, if you have a vestibular condition that makes you get dizzy or black out, maybe you shouldn’t take up skeleton. But that’s just what she did.

Amanda: Interesting and risky.

Lisa: The giant slalom should not be the flipping sport that it is tonight. That just hurts to watch.

Amanda: Did you see that one of the athletes broke their neck? It was during the snowboard cross.
They’re going to be okay, but wow.

Lisa: I did not see that one. Glad they’ll be okay.
The first British Winter Olympian to win back-to-back gold medals – a woman!

Amanda: Awesome!

Lisa: Watching men’s slope style skiing. It’s about 50/50 if the runs they show will end in a crash or not.
British guy trains on astroturf and watered down carpet because there isn’t exactly a lot of snow where he lives. Who thought of that?
The US guy is skiing with a broken thumb and a bruised hip. And apparently we’re supposed to care what his sexual orientation is rather than just how he skis.

Amanda: That’s possibly quite clever.
I care more about how he is skiing with those injuries.

February 14th and 15th and the Olympics

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Olympic ringsCurling. Lots of curling. Skeleton. Hockey. Snowboard Cross. A little bit of speed skating. And incorporating Olympic ideas into our regular lives.


Amanda: Snowboard cross tomorrow!

Lisa: Canada and Great Britain men’s curling – they are yelling their strategies across the ice for everyone to hear. There’s not a lot of privacy during this game.
You need to check out Norway’s curling pants for today.
Also, every curling stone is slightly different from every other one because of the natural material they are made of.

Amanda: Mic’d and yelling. Definitely no privacy.
Who are they playing? I can check it out when I get back from walking the pup.

Lisa: With different languages between teams you at least have that.

Amanda: Neat!
I’ve thought about that.

Lisa: No idea. The NBC guy just showed a tweet that included a photo of the pants.
There are the pants:

Apparently they have fun pants for the other days too.

I’m going to find me a fun fabric print and make some trousers and tell people they are my curling pants.

Amanda: 😍
Those are amazing pants!

Lisa: I’m glad they have fun with their sport.

Amanda: Agreed.

Lisa: I’ve got our commentary from the Opening Ceremonies through Sunday night on my blog now.
I have Monday and Tuesday ready to go but I’ll wait because that was a lot.

Amanda: I did some looking yesterday. There are two major areas of the Olympics. I’ll be in the mountain area, with the stadium and the cauldron and more. I hope I have at least enough time for some photos! If we get dropped at the parking area, there is a shuttle bus to the venue and another to the main Olympic Park. So, fingers crossed. The Mormon Helping Hands is likely in the coastal area, so I doubt I’ll see that.
Good work!

Lisa: Watching the USA vs. Slovenia hockey game, Iddo thinks the fans with green hair cheering for Slovenia (which has blue and green on their jerseys, not sure why the green) look rude and not silly. She doesn’t understand why they don’t just do green clothes instead.

Amanda: Interesting perspective.

Lisa: I think she thinks they are rude because she doesn’t understand it. She was getting frustrated with me while I was explaining it to her.
I realized that I don’t mind Brett asking me questions about curling because he’s surprised if I know the answer. But I get annoyed with Iddo asking me questions sometimes because she expects me to know the answers.

Amanda: Good luck. It’s probably going to get worse there before it gets better, with more kids asking you questions

Lisa: Eventually they’ll stop expecting me to know the answer though.

Amanda: Maybe. 😊

Lisa: I’ll just keep making it up like I know what I’m talking about though. It’s worked so far.

Amanda: I think that’s a good strategy.
Jamaican skeleton competitor!

Lisa: Go Jamaica!

Amanda: Ghana has a great helmet!
Snowboard cross seeding is not nearly as fun to watch as the actual race.

Lisa: That is a great helmet.
Yun S. of South Korea has an Iron Man helmet.
Iddo: Why do they have to do skeleton at the Olympics?
Me: That’s a good question, Iddo.

Amanda: Very cool.
Definitely a good question.

Lisa: How long is a skeleton track?

Amanda: I do not know.

Lisa: Me either.
They’re going 75 or so miles an hour and going for just under a minute.
I could do the math or google.

Amanda: Might be somewhere in here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skeleton_(sport)?wprov=sfti1

Lisa: “Are they going to break one of their skeletons?”
I told her we hope not but they might.

Amanda: Accurate.

Lisa: Hopefully only part of their skeleton and not the whole thing.

Amanda: That would be painful.

Lisa: Brett just wandered in, “What is the length of this track? It’d probably be easy to calculate if they’re going 75 mph. It’d be easier to calculate by going to Google.”
I just laughed.
4,478 feet. 1365 meters.

Amanda: Almost a mile.
One of the Snowboard cross riders fell and basically climbed up the rest of the hill so he could get back up and continue his seeding run.

Lisa: Good for him.
Go to the Olympics to finish, not start.
You know, not really that interested in watching a German figure skater clean out her nose with a Kleenex while the Chinese get their score.

Amanda: Could be worse. There might not be a Kleenex.

Lisa: It was close.
The camera stayed on them expecting some kind of memorable reaction. There was no reaction.
There’s the reaction the camera was waiting for, after the last skaters.

Amanda: I missed it. I’ve got hockey on mute in the background while I work on a test to possibly become a video captioner.
Done with that. Now watching snowboard cross!
I like the Italian boarder’s pants.

Lisa: They still haven’t shown us that.

Amanda: It’s in quarterfinals now. So, maybe when it gets to semis or final?

Lisa: The schedule says they’re supposed to be showing alpine and snowboarding right now. So far it’s been just alpine.

Amanda: And my Roku app has disconnected me. Super.

Lisa: 🙁

Amanda: I can watch the broadcast on AFN. But I was enjoying the 🏂
My computer is being slow too. I’m guessing it’s the internet. It’s lame sometimes.
Got it set back up. I have not missed the final.

Lisa: Snowboard cross coming up. Alpine finally finished.

Amanda: It’s delayed. Downloaded the official Pyeongchang Olympics app last night. It comes in handy.

Lisa: Ah.

Amanda: Almost ready.

Lisa: Just saw the semis
“It is like Nascar, except in Nascar you don’t get out and start running with the tire.”

Amanda: Just watched the finals.

Lisa: That was the commentator making a comparison when the US guy got up after the crash, hopped up the hill, and finished.
Finals are starting.

Amanda: Gotcha.

Lisa: It starts with a drop into the air, not actually on the hill. Interesting.

Amanda: I think that would frighten me.

Lisa: It’s like the race starts mid-jump.
That is an exciting sport.

Amanda: Quite!
I’ll miss the women’s tomorrow, so I’m glad my devices started working again in time to see today’s final.

Lisa: I’ll have to see what’s on when. We’ll be gone in the morning but will have it on the rest of the day.

Amanda: I think it’s on the same times tomorrow. 


Lisa: Question: Why the neon green for Slovenia?
Watching the USA vs Italy men’s curling match. But Norway is right next to them so I’m checking out their pants.

Amanda: We turned this on while we ate breakfast and I was able to tell Blake about Norway’s pants Blake just left, so I’ll finish this end. USA’s last stone in End 9 was so good.
I do not know.

Lisa: Look at you being all knowledgeable about curling!

Amanda: Thanks!

Lisa: Canada’s long-track speed skater has a really cool ear-warmer headband thing. Red and black flag with a red maple leaf on the black squares. I like it.

Amanda: Nice!

Lisa: South Korean skeleton – There are three important skills in skeleton, first speed, second more speed, and finally speed.

Lisa: Canada women’s hockey goalie has a cartoon beaver on her helmet.
American goalie has a bald eagle.

Amanda: Ha!
Non-cool helmets are a waste.

Lisa: Only goalies get cool helmets.

Amanda: In hockey. I’m also speaking generally. You can have a cool helmet in an individual sport, but a lot don’t.

Lisa: That’s definitely a waste.

Amanda: In hockey or any sport with a goal (soccer, for example), it’s important to visually set the goalies apart, because they can do different things.

Lisa: Yes.

Lisa: Our girls have cool bike helmets. Shimei’s is plain blue though. I should make it fancy.

Amanda: You can do vinyl stickers.

Lisa: Definitely. Currently only in black or rose gold though.
{photo of Izri being happy} Izri bouncing to the chicken dance being played during stoppage of the hockey game.

Amanda: Rose gold would be cool with blue.

Lisa: He’s supposed to be napping.

Amanda: Well, less yay then. But at least he is happy.

Lisa: {photo of Izri crying} This was half an hour ago.

Amanda: Oh baby. I hope you both feel better soon.
I’ve been on this train for 20 minutes and I just noticed that one of the screens is showing the Olympics and I’m getting off at the next stop. Lame.
Oh. Maybe it’s an app or something and Olympics are related. It’s okay.

Lisa: The side-by-side skiing comparisons are a bit weird.
I want to be a water girl at the top of the mountain for skiing.
Missed women’s snowboard cross. Time to look it up on the replay.
I figure it has to be a computer switching cameras at the sliding track because it would be tough to have a person do that.
I kind of wish I had enough time to knit you an awesome hat to wear when you go to the Olympics next week.

Amanda: I’m going to wear my panda hat!
Most likely yes.
But also, thank you.

Lisa: I totally approve.

Amanda: Thanks! I had the idea while Blake and I were watching aerial skiing.
“Should I wear my panda hat so friends and family can watch for me at home?”

Lisa: Going back to sports I missed while getting kids in bed… Iron Man Won!!!
Izri, who just woke up in my arms for the first time, doesn’t seem impressed.

Amanda: Fun! I’m missing everything today. Playing in Tokyo with my best friend from third grade and her husband and daughter.
Silly boy.

Lisa: Dukurs brothers got 4th and 5th in skeleton.

Amanda: Nice!

Lisa: Need to watch SBX and then I can go to bed.

Amanda: Good plan.

February 12th and 13th at the Olympics

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Olympic ringsMonday and Tuesday at the Olympics with Amanda and Lisa (and various other members of our growing team). There’s some good stuff here. Speed skating. Snow boarding, crashes, etc. You know, the normal stuff.


Amanda: It’s happening. I’m going to Korea next week to see some snow boarding!!!!

Lisa: Snow boarding!!
“Hey Mom, if they all go the same speed then no one can lose.” – Iddo, watching long track speed skating.
If I stand up while watching long track I find myself swaying back and forth while they go down the straightaways.

Amanda: She’s not wrong.

Lisa: Showing a crazy luge crash, “This is a testament to the safety of the sport, no injuries.”

Amanda: But were injuries from the crash?

Lisa: Apparently there were no injuries from that particular crash, which means the sport is safe.

Amanda: Hmm. Okay. If they say so.

Lisa: Thank you, women’s Olympic hockey, for showing me the interesting similarities and contrasts between the Swiss and Japanese flags.

Amanda: One is a cross and one is a circle. Am I missing anything?

Lisa: White on red and red on white.
It’s kind of cool to see the two next to each other.

Amanda: Right! That’s an important detail.

Lisa: I think the Japanese goalie has cherry blossoms on her helmet.

Amanda: If there are flowers, then probably yes!
Tuning in. Watching a profile on Chloe Kim?

Lisa: Yup.

Amanda: Snowboard flips on the trampoline!

Lisa: I was wondering how they practice those things.

Amanda: It makes sense.

Lisa: She’s cute. And now I feel sexist for saying something about her looks.

Amanda: She has a cute personality too. Spunky and fun.

Lisa: I’ll make sure to comment on the looks of the next male athlete they highlight to balance it out.
I liked the juxtaposition of her with her dad. That looks like a fun combination.

Amanda: 👍🏻
Yes it does.

Lisa: I definitely like Shaun White better with his shorter haircut.

Amanda: Real possibility: I could meet Shaun White next week! Just run into him at the snowboarding.

Lisa: Tell him I like his haircut.

Amanda: Can do!

Lisa: If you do any souvenir shopping, I’ll paypal you for a patch.

Amanda: Any patch in particular?

Lisa: Not really.

Amanda: Okedoke. I will see what I can do. I’m buying a ticket and getting a ride from a fellow MilSpouse. If possible I would like a chance to buy some of my own Olympics swag, so I will see what I can do.

Lisa: Awesome! They all bowed to each other after the goal. Apparently it started as a joke ten years ago and now do it for good luck.

Amanda: The Japanese team bow at each other!
There is a bowing emoji!
I still haven’t gotten a good look at the Japanese goalie’s helmet.

Lisa: Iddo thinks national flags are a way to say Happy Birthday because they sing the international happy birthday song in primary and the music leader uses the flags to prompt the words.

Amanda: While that’s a good way of her music leader to do it, that’s not actually how it works.

Lisa: They have three goalies so it might just be one of them. A cursory google search didn’t bring up any images.
Iddo thinks everyone at the Olympics is having a birthday.

Amanda: If you saw flowers, Sakura 🌸 is a safe bet.
Somebody probably is. But not everyone . . .

Lisa: Branches with small pink flowers.

Amanda: Almost definitely.
They have other flowers, but Sakura are the most important.

Lisa: They might not be having a birthday today, but they all have one eventually.
Something with the tiger on it.

Amanda: This is true.
That makes sense!

Lisa: Men’s half pipe live.

Amanda: Heading home so I can watch! (Also heading home because that’s where I live.)

Lisa: That’s a good reason.

Amanda: I thought so. I wish I didn’t have to leave again tonight, but I have taiko and that will be worth it.

Lisa: Definitely.
Brett said doing taiko made him feel very martial. I thought it reminded me of doing a haka.

Lisa: Kind of an “I’m powerful, don’t eve think about messing with me” kind of thing.

Amanda: Yeah, there is definitely some power to it, so I can see that.

Lisa: Interesting. They’re saying the snowboarders have transponders on their ankles that are letting the judges know how high they are getting.
That was a great last piece of advice from the coach – Have fun!
Korean boarder. Apparently “Have fun!” sounds the same in Korean as it does in English. Looks like he definitely had fun too. If I were his mom I wouldn’t have been able to watch it though. Oh I was nervous for him.

Amanda: I was curious about how they knew exactly. Eyeballs didn’t seem reliable.
Always good advice.

Lisa: I think this guy is Mormon.
Born in Ireland, lives in Park City, Russian mother, British father. He could represent any of those four countries.

Amanda: Interesting. I can’t remember if one of the Mormon guys we saw on the list was a boarder.

Lisa: Nope. Not the Mormon guy. There’s a Mormon guy skiing the half pipe next week for Ireland who lives in Park City.

Amanda: Oh. Okay.
Are you watching the primetime coverage?

Lisa: I was.
Now I’m watching speed skating.
Now I’m watching Primetime Plus.
So snowboarding again.

Amanda: Cool. Shaun White boards again in 5 minutes.

Lisa: I get nervous watching them.

Amanda: I don’t, thankfully. Shaun’s run was awesome!

Lisa: They are so high and upside-down!

Amanda: And all the flips! Repeatedly upside down!

Lisa: Yup.

Amanda: 18 feet!

Lisa: Out of a 22 foot pipe. That puts him 4 stories up in the air.

Amanda: That’s insane.

Lisa: Upside-down and backwards.

Amanda: Not my thing, but I can be impressed by those that do.
Have you seen anything with Mary Carrillo?

Lisa: I haven’t.

Amanda: Curious. I like her.

Lisa: I do too.
I could see the camera guy reflected in the winner’s sunglasses.

Amanda: Me too!

Lisa: And now I must to bed.

Amanda: Sleep well! If you can!

Lisa: Thanks!


Lisa: Iddo wants to know why the figure skaters can’t dance inside the track for the short-track speed skaters.
Women’s 500M decided by 22cm photo finish, kind of.
Okay, that luge crash wasn’t good. Not when the commentator used the words “crunches to the ground.”
Also using the word, “violent.” Yup, that’s a safe sport.
Here, let me do this interview before going to get my back x-rayed.
Um, priorities?

Amanda: You know, why can’t they?
I hope everyone is okay! I watched the gold medal curling match last night. I learn something new about curling every time.
From Blake: Chasing the bouncing puck sounds like a reference to drug addiction.

Lisa: “That man [Scott Hamilton] has a yellow band-aid on his finger.” – Iddo
I hadn’t even noticed. But I guess she doesn’t understand what they are talking about so she’s just going to notice the things she does understand

Amanda: That makes sense. I like that our commentary tradition, which was just us in the beginning, has grown with new and interesting perspectives from the people we’ve added to our team.

Lisa: We have a good team.

Amanda: Most definitely.
Malcolm even has feelings about Olympic events. He prefers the ones without whistles.
I’m in the waiting room at the dentist and they’re playing the primetime Olympics and my first look at Jonny Weir this year. I don’t even have words.
Walked out of the dentist and past another waiting room in time to see Shaun White’s first run of the finals. I just stood and waited for the run and the score. Very nice. Watching a profile on him now. He had a gnarly crash in New Zealand.

Lisa: I haven’t seen him yet. But I can imagine.
We just missed it. Heard him talking with his coaches and he said, “I was like oh my g—!” and Iddo heard “oh my yup” so that’s what we’re going with him saying.
Saw the Japanese guy crash though. That was bad.
“I love commercials. I want to watch them when I grow up.” – Iddo

Amanda: It’s pretty flashy.
Definitely missed that. Has anyone ever died in the Olympics?

Lisa: I have no idea. But now I’m curious.

Amanda: From two hours ago! https://www.google.co.jp/amp/amp.timeinc.net/time/5155540/athletes-who-have-died-competing-in-the-olympics
I vaguely remember the Vancouver.

Lisa: I seem to remember that too.
He hit the edge of the pipe.
You know, the original Olympics were done naked and covered in grease. The guy from Tonga is just honoring that tradition.
Shaun White’s second run reaction from Shimri: He got back up.

Amanda: Truth.
Heh. How did he do?

Lisa: Huh. Shaun White had 2 open heart surgeries before his first birthday.
55.00. He fell 3/4ths of the way down.

Amanda: Ohhh. He was the one that fell. That explains Iddo’s comment. Is there a third run? Was his first score enough?

Lisa: A Japanese guy is 1 point ahead after round 2.
Iddo: I want to know how those guys got there.
Me: Got where?
Iddo: Got there from Tucson.
Me: Oh. An airplane. An airplane and a lot of practice so they’d be good enough someone would want to put them in an airplane.
Iddo: Why’d they have to practice being in an airplane?

Amanda: Heh. Good logic there.

Lisa: I love what they come up with.

Amanda: Saw the snowboarding tiger ceremony.

Lisa: I think that tiger is adorable.

Amanda: I agree.
Shaun White’s gold was the 100th Winter Olympics medal for the USA ever.

Lisa: As long as he’s aware of it I guess that’s okay.

Amanda: Yep!
I hope to have enough time to see this! https://www.instagram.com/p/BfJdVoih18g/
No idea how close it is to where I’ll be.

Lisa: That’s awesome!
I have an “I Speak Portuguese” pin from the Salt Lake Olympics and actually got to use it on Trax one day.

Amanda: Fun!

Lisa: I loved how Salt Lake took advantage of the mass of unofficial interpreters that live in the area.

Amanda: I think the event will end with a few hours before I have to catch my ride back to Seoul. I will definitely be using that time for hunting this center, Olympic swag, and Olympians.
Me too.

Lisa: As you should.

Amanda: Probably in this order: swag first, Olympians, this center.

Lisa: I approve.

Amanda: Thank you. I also scouted where I can buy Olympic swag in Seoul, so if it doesn’t work out at the park for any reason, I should be okay. I want a patch for you, a keychain for me, and maybe a hat or something.

Lisa: I have a hockey puck from the Salt Lake games because that’s the event I went to. And a headband to keep my ears warm because I didn’t want to spend the money on the hat everyone else was buying. I don’t know that you should get a snowboard though.

Amanda: Hmm. Probably not. I went to a hockey game in 2002 too!
That hat was SO popular.

Lisa: Insanely popular.
Okay. I need to sleep tonight. Tomorrow’s plan is to stay home, watch the Olympics, and fight germs. Ugh.

Amanda: Good luck! My plan for tomorrow is stay home, watch Olympics, and hermit well. Busy weekend ahead!

Lisa: I like our plans.
Well, except for the germ fighting bit.

Amanda: Agreed. But I especially hope that part is successful.

Olympics Day One and Two

Categories: Olympics

Olympic ringsI’m dividing up our commentary based on the time zone I’m in because it’s my blog and that makes the most sense to me. That means Amanda starts it off while I’m asleep and then I catch up and then she goes to sleep and then we end the day together. It’s weird but it works.

February 10th

Amanda: Events we’ve watched so far tonight: men’s slopestyle snowboarding, men’s short track speed skating, and now watching men’s luge. Nothing terribly exciting yet and the commentary is fairly dry and merely informative.
Realized a few minutes ago that I hadn’t heard about an LDS athletes, so we looked it up. There are 5 and apparently one of them is in luge, so it’s good we just switched and can watch for him!
Two of the LDS athletes are also military! Army, specifically.
It’s a very different experience to have a lot more choice in what Olympics events we watch. Instead of watching whatever just happens to be on (“Ooh! Kayaking!”, for example), we are watching every run or every heat and eventually reminding ourselves we should go check out what else is on.
Blake’s suggestion for a winter sport: polar swim. The water has to be a certain temperature. Maybe even cut out of the ice. But that’s actually a terrible idea because a lot of people would be injured.
Mormon luger!
Apparently you can experience more g’s in a luge run turn than in a space shuttle launch.
5 for luge, 3 for space shuttle
It’s also interesting to see all of the runs. Not just the Americans and the leaders and other interesting runs as you might see with NBC Olympic primetime coverage.
You may or may not see the Ukrainian who falls off his luge sled on his birthday. 😢 But, since he was able to get back on, he will get to continue.
Time for some biathlon. Not the most exciting to watch, but everything else is either on break or we’ve already watched that particular sport.
Switched over to the edited package content feed in time to see a nice little profile on Korea, but I think they’re about to start showing short track, which we’ve already seen. Living in the correct time zone, when events will end at reasonable times and the news feed isn’t just running constantly unless I look for it, I won’t feel the need to stay up late.
Ooh. Short track relay. We didn’t see this. Never mind. Not switching.
The South Korean speed skating helmet is really neat.
Women’s Hockey! Unified Korea v Switzerland.
Only showed a minute or two of that. Back to some short track. US helmets are cool too.

Lisa: Norway curling shirts have a Nordic sweater pattern printed on them.
Luger just beat the current leader by .090 and the commentator said that was a huge margin. Um? No it’s not!
The closest I’d get to luge – laying on top of our minivan and holding on to the luggage rack while I drive down the freeway. Speeds are the same.
The kids were duly impressed with ski jumping. Iddo wants to fly like that and Shimei is now running around the house with his arms behind him like a ski jumper saying he’s flying.

Amanda: Have you seen the movie Eddie the Eagle? It’s pretty good. Family friendly.
Because that’s super cute.

Lisa: I haven’t seen that movie but I’ve heard a lot about it. We’ll have to check it out.
Slope style!
I will let our kids ski jump. I will not let them snowboard.

Amanda: Why not?

Lisa: I like their necks in one piece.
There was a piece about the Norway alpine skiers. I did not know they referred to themselves as the Attacking Vikings and have for a couple of decades now.

Amanda: That’s a good point.
I didn’t know that either. Interesting.

Lisa: The culture of snowboarding is interesting too. Although if my kids decide that’s what they want to do I’ll support them and figure it out.
And while there are bobsled teams from Jamaica and Ghana, Tucson might not be the best place to take up pretty much any winter sport. Although we do have a hockey team.
Speed skating. I want a cool helmet.
I need to put some more bling and personalization on my equipment for the sport of “mom of littles.” I’m still debating the images and designs I want to put on my backpack, which is kind of like a helmet because it protects me from a whole lot of unexpected. It’s my Batman belt.
I think I like long track speed skating better than short track. Short track is only interesting at the very end. Long track is interesting the whole time.
Probably why I’d rather run a 5K on the street than on the track too referencing summer sports.
Long track has super suits too.
I never liked Ono’s soul patch.

Amanda: I told Blake that I had a friend in high school who competed in long track speed skating. He was surprised but then I reminded him I went to high school in Utah, which is different from high school in Arizona. You can build an indoor skating rink anywhere, but it’s more likely in places where you can also do it outside.
I like short track because things can get crazy fast. More leader changes. More danger.
Watching a long track replay now. It’s always a little surprising when they take off their hoods and they have hair. Really surprising when the South Korean took off her hood and had bleached yellow hair.
I can hear the announcers at the actual venue. They’re providing color commentary for the spectators, which is cool.
Blake and I sometimes ask or say “Ready” the way long track speed skating officials do. “Reeeaady”.

Lisa: Because why wouldn’t you.

Amanda: Exactly.

Lisa: I’m supposed to be able to watch snowboarding right now but they’re still showing curling. Which is an unexpected choice.

Amanda: Interesting.

Lisa: If we can get together over £1,500,000 we can buy the island they quarry curling stones from.
China has fun curling pants. They also yell “hard” in English.

Amanda: Um. I’m not sure I want to buy that island.
I did not remember the pants, but I did notice them yelling hard. Is this the mixed doubles game with the Hamiltons? I watched that all the way yesterday morning.
Oh. Looks like they are playing Norway right now. Is that the game you’re watching?
Right now being what’s in my tv now. May not be actually now.

Lisa: Yes.
China and Norway. The back of China’s pants has a fun design so when they’re down pushing the stone you can see it.

Amanda: We’re watching the same thing! Yay! And yes, that’s a cool pattern.

February 11th

Lisa: Watching men’s cross country Iddo commented, “I don’t see any with beards.”
Iddo: Hey, Momma, who’s up ahead?
Me (not even looking): The Norwegian guy. (it was a good guess, and I guessed right)
NBC has a color commentator – David Feherty, who did a bit on biathlon. Afterwards, back in the studio, he was talking with the other commentator and they were wondering how some of these sports got started. He said something to the effect that it must have been crazy. Ski jumping – let’s jump out into the wide blue yonder and land like a yard sale, and then do it again. I don’t know how yard sales land, but I’m thinking I need to add that phrase to my vocabulary.

Amanda: Do they need beards?
Yeah, that’s a safe bet.
Ha! I imagine some very odd but necessary things (like milking cows for milk) were inspired by heavenly parents. (hey! Autocorrect suggested parents instead of Father! I don’t know why, but I’ll take it.) But yeah, others, like ski jumping, were probably some sort of accident. Like chocolate chip cookies.

Lisa: Dutch guy just won the men’s 5000K speed skating long track race, third Olympics in a row he’s won it. I heard the commentators explain the other day that the reason the Dutch do so well at the speed skating is because of all the canals in the country that freeze over and everyone gets around all winter by skating on them.
Second speed skating thought – they have to do some serious cross-training to not end up with a seriously lopsided body from going counter-clockwise all the time.

Amanda: That makes sense. I watched a super close preliminary heat yesterday. Current world record holder won by a tiny bit of his skate tip.
Probably. I hope they switch it around sometimes. Not for races, but for training. Maybe?

Lisa: Right.

Amanda: Probably even worse for short track, since don’t get nearly as much of a straightaway as long track.

Lisa: I’ve wondered why their suits are a bit different on the inside of only one leg. But watching today I noticed that when they go around the corners that leg rubs the other leg right where the suit is different. It probably has something to do with the friction between their legs.

Amanda: Hmm. That would make sense.

Lisa: One of the snowboarding coaches keeps his calm at the starting gate by knitting.
That’s rather awesome.

Amanda: Ha! I like it!

Lisa: Iddo, listening to the commentators describing biathlon, “Why do they have to take real good pictures? Shots, I mean.”
I like that she associates shooting with cameras, not guns.

Amanda: I’m glad too.
So, I know there are just generally fewer events during the Winter Olympics.
And I live in the same time zone as the Olympics, so I’m aware of what’s happening now, not a recording of an event of that was packaged from hours ago.
And with streaming I can watch whatever is happening at this moment, which is great.
But due to some combination of these things, there are noticeably fewer things to watch. It’s not an overwhelming inundation of Olympics.
A welcome inundation at times, of course. I love them. But there are definitely times where there isn’t anything watch due to all of the above.
Slope style snowboarding is delayed for at least the next 45 minutes.
Maybe there is actually some figure skating happening. I will investigate.
The live feed commentary is definitely different than the packaged. Lots of accents. Heard a Scottish accent for curling last night. Some British accent right now.
Interesting, they are also showing a running tally of the technical score.
And now either my Roku has frozen or my remote batteries are dead. First world problems.
Remote batteries. Working now and there is definitely nothing live now. Guess I’ll watch the primetime from Sunday night?
And it just went on about how giant slalom is canceled and they are waiting for figure skating too. Soooo. Yeah. Not much on right now.
The US female figure skater for the team event has something on her inner thigh under her tights. A tatto? Kinesio tape? Probably the former.
Based on twitter, I’m guessing the women’s figure skating for the team competition is also on primetime, but with commentary for Jonny Weir and Tara Lipinski. That’s definitely not who I’m listening to, and I’m enjoying the way this is moving along. No cuts for commercial. No extra dramatics while waiting for results.

Lisa: We thought that was really interesting too. Scoring used to be so easy. Out of ten at the end.
I saw that and wondered what it was.
It’s a bit odd to be watching these events live and realize it’s Sunday night for me but Monday morning for them but still live.
It’s like I’m watching the future.
Ice Skating to the Piano Guys – Beethoven’s Secrets.

Amanda: I often feel like I’m living in the future.
I fell asleep on the couch and missed that one. Good nap though.

Lisa: Couches really are the best place to have naps. I’m not sure why.

Amanda: Me neither, but I like it. Woke up in time for a snowboarding victory lap. Now I think my options are limited again.
Considering I was up by 4:30am, our of the house by 6:30am and had been to the doctor, the commissary, and back home by 10am, I feel justified in that nap too.

Lisa: Definitely

Amanda: Looks like there really isn’t much scheduled on the live feed until this evening. Interesting. There really are fewer events.
Prelims and trainings and a hockey game between Switzerland and Japan at 4.

Lisa: I can get curling mixed doubles semifinal #1.
Canada vs. Norway right now.

Amanda: The NBCSN feed is the slopestyle I just watched the end of. And now it’s buffering.
Found this in the replays, but it’s not loading.
I think it’s time for an Olympic break. That’s okay too. This is only the third full day. There will be plenty more.

Lisa: NBC says I should be watching Speedskating.
Curlers have a teflon surface on one shoe and a rubber surface on the other. Apparently they are things that can be slipped onto any shoes.

Amanda: Cool!

Lisa: Ah! Women’s half-pipe.
Half-pipe always makes me think of President Hinckley. He made a comment about it during the 2002 Olympics.

Amanda: I remember that! Turning it on here!

Lisa: You can buy a slip on gripper on Amazon for $14 and a slip on slider for $20.
I was just thinking about how many different uniforms our country needs for the Olympics – Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, medals ceremonies (I’m assuming they are doing these separate from the events because I’ve only seen them hand out white tigers at the events), and then something different for every sport.

Amanda: Of course you can.

Lisa: I was surprised at the price. Actual shoes are more what I was expecting.

Amanda: I could have sworn I saw them setting up a podium on some ice at some point, but yeah, I think they are different too.

Lisa: They’ve done the podium thing and had the athletes stand at them, but all I’ve seen handed out at the podiums is a stuffed tiger.

Amanda: Does one of your commentators have a British accent?
Ah. Ok.

Lisa: Nope.
I have a mixed doubles commentating team, sound American.

Amanda: So you’re still watching curling?

Lisa: No. I switched over to half-pipe. I just thought I’d use that term for the commentators. :D

Amanda: Heh. Okay. Different feed then.

Lisa: Brett and I make a good mixed-doubles parenting team.

Amanda: That’s good.

Lisa: We each have our strengths. Pretty sure he can throw rocks further than me but I’m probably the better sweeper.

Amanda: Hehe. Nice analogy.

Lisa: Back to the slope style I’ve already seen.

Amanda: Second half pipe run.

Lisa: Back to half pipe.

Amanda: Australian. My color commentary is Australian. He even just said “crikey”

Lisa: Let me know if he says “Bob’s your uncle.” That’s my current favorite Australian saying.
Pretty sure nothing at the Olympics is Bob’s your uncle though.

Amanda: I like that one.

Lisa: The guy who does the tutorials for my video editing software is from Australia and that’s where I learned it.

Amanda: The commentator just congratulated the Japanese snowboarder on excellent runs IN Japanese and I understood it!

Lisa: Yea!!

Amanda: I’ve been in and out actually (decluttering the top of my dresser), so I’m glad I didn’t miss that!
I am amused that Bob’s your uncle would even come up in such a thing.

Lisa: He was explaining how to do something and you push this button and click that option and Bob’s your uncle and you’ve done it.

Amanda: That’s what I guessed. That’s fun.

Lisa: I had to look up whether that meant it was hard or easy.

Amanda: Yay for learning new things while learning other new things!

Lisa: Always learning.

Amanda: As we should.

Lisa: Tiger ceremony explained – https://slate.com/culture/2018/02/the-winter-olympics-stuffed-animal-ceremony-explained.html
That was my guess.

Amanda: Oh, okay. I’m good with that. I hadn’t realized that the nightly ceremonies were Winter tradition. I remember it from SLC, not since.

Lisa: I was thinking the same thing. I remember them doing it in SLC but hadn’t paid attention at other ones.
Yikes – bad commentating, let’s replay another rider’s fall that let’s someone else move on to the finals and say “Here’s the fall that let’s Arielle Gold into the final.” Rude. Show us Arielle’s run, not the Canadian who fell down.
That was just bad form.

Amanda: Yeah, that’s kind of lame.

Lisa: They did show Arielle’s run, but they first had to show the Canadian’s fall, in slow motion, with that comment.

Amanda: It may not be untrue, but it seems unkind.

Lisa: Exactly. And that’s not what the Olympics are about.

Amanda: Current live offerings: figure skating training, doubles life training. Let’s see if the NBCSN feed works.
Oh cool. Speed skating.

Lisa: I’m watching the speed skating.

Amanda: Men’s 5k? Sven Kramer?

Lisa: Yup.
It’s a replay. Still fun.

Amanda: Tom Hammond commentating?

Lisa: Possibly. I’m not sure who all the commentators are.
“He hasn’t gone to all the gears that everyone seems to have” or something like that.

Amanda: He’s one of the few I know by voice.
I’m a few seconds behind you, but I heard that.

Lisa: It took me a while to type that.

Amanda: I have three laps to go.

Lisa: Check out the inner right thigh. There’s something different on their suits there.

Amanda: Yep!

Lisa: Bell lap.

Amanda: So about a minute behind. 30 seconds per lap.

Lisa: 🎶 Somewhere, out there, beneath the pale blue light, someone’s watching speed skating, and loving me tonight…

Amanda: Hehe. Yep! That’s twice we’ve used that song lately. The first being the blood moon.
His arms are really skinny.

Lisa: It’s probably just that his legs are really thick.
I’ve decided to just be amazed that their legs are equally thick.

Amanda: I think it’s a combination.
8 foot stride! That’s huge!

Lisa: Brett was commenting that they seem to go side-to-side a lot, but apparently they’re supposed to.

Amanda: Side to side in their stride or switching lanes?

Lisa: In their stride.
I remember a few Olympics ago someone got disqualified because their coach gave them the wrong lane changing information. It was devastating.

Amanda: Okay. Thought so. Just making sure.
I would not like to do a wall sit for 6.5 minutes thank you very much.

Lisa: Nope. Me either.

Amanda: Oog. A crash right away. That’s not great.

Lisa: Oooh!! This race is awesome!

Amanda: This was a Sunday event, right? I feel like we had it on yesterday, but it was as we were getting dinner on the table.

Lisa: We watched it about 12 hours ago.

Amanda: Then, yeah, probably. It was 24 hours ago if this was the same event. Very cool!

Lisa: It was great to talk with Iddo about it because she fell during her last race but got back up and finished.

Amanda: Good for her!

Lisa: We’re trying to help her learn that when she doesn’t succeed the first time or when things get hard that she should keep going.

Amanda: Very good thing to learn.

Lisa: She gets real frustrated when things don’t work the first time.

Amanda: I think that’s normal.

Lisa: I heard her crying like her arm had fallen off the other day during nap/quiet time. Nope. She just hadn’t mastered drawing a heart yet and is frustrated because Valentine’s Day is coming.

Amanda: Poor girl!

Lisa: Bed time.

Amanda: Good night!
There are a lot of “yeah, duh” moments in response to the Olympic commentary. I guess they need to talk about something, but explaining that the loser of a bronze medal match goes home empty handed is a “yeah, duh” moment. But I’m watching the curling match where you learned about the shoe covers.

Olympics Opening Ceremony Commentary

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Olympic ringsThe interesting thing about our commentary this year is the time zone difference. Amanda watched the Opening Ceremonies over twelve hours before I did. So she and Blake (her mixed doubles partner) made their comments. And then hours later I watched it with my team and made my comments and replied to a lot of hers. Just sort it out best you can. Because of the time zone difference there are even events we get to watch live together.

Also interesting, I get NBC commentary. Amanda gets either no commentary, random commentary of unknown origin, or NBC commentary.

So, here it goes.

Amanda: Watching the Opening Ceremonies without NBC commentary is a very different experience. If there was a story with the dance-y stuff, I don’t know it. Recognized a few cultural items from my travels there. They got right to the parade of nations too – a much shorter cultural presentation thus far. I like how they are projecting the country names onto the stadium floor.
The country names are being show on the screen too, but no info on how many athletes.
Our delegation seems smaller than usual. I realize that in general, the Winter Olympics are smaller than Summer, but still.
I love that Bermuda always wears Bermuda shorts.
Blake’s comment on Slovenia’s team uniform – none of them are getting run over tonight.
We are just cruising through this. Smaller delegations. Shorter track. Maybe because there are no commercials and so it’s proceeding at the proper speed.
Also, since this is proceeding in order of the Korean alphabet, I have no idea where we are in the process.
Blake points out that it’s interesting that it’s Chinese Taipei and not Taiwan.
There is an athlete from Turkey who winked at someone. But who!? And how did she know to wink at that moment? Did she know that the camera was on her?
The Tongan flag bearer is back.
Puerto Rico gets its own delegation!?
Do any of our other territories?
Getting a little teary with the joint Korean delegation.
More cultural presentation!
This flame has done everything!

Lisa: I’m excited to watch it! I’ll let you know if there’s any interesting commentary. And especially if there’s any crazy commentary.
Iddo, looking at a bag of Japanese candy: I see that they wrote it all in Japanese.
Me: Yup.
Iddo: Why didn’t they write it in Hebrew?
Me: Because they don’t speak Hebrew in Japan.
Awesomeness about doing our commentary on WhatsApp this year – easy copy/paste from the laptop version to my blog.

Amanda: Please do!
Ha! Silly girl.
I also realized that we will be able to watch some things simultaneously with the live feed. It will be the packages and edited prime time stuff I miss.

Amanda: Curling time!

Lisa: 👍🏻
Opening Ceremonies start here soon.

Amanda: I’m curious how long they take for you. Without commercials or commentary or editing, we were done in 2 hours 15 minutes.

Lisa: Broadcast started almost 30 minutes ago and we still haven’t gotten to the ceremonies.

Amanda: Interesting.
We turned them on just after start time right as the countdown hit 1. No filler here!

Lisa: Iddo: Mom, why are they having them talk about it?
Me: So that you can get to know them and care about them.
Brett: Iddo, do you care about them?
Iddo: No.

Amanda: Also, the commentary for live curling sounded different than the replay from yesterday. More dry and only one person. I feel like there were two during the replay.
Also, I’m heading out for the day. So, no new commentary from me until we get home. Looks like we have at least luge and short track speed skating to look forward to!
It’s Norway with the crazy pants https://www.metro.us/sports/crazy-curling-pants-norway

Lisa: I got the first half hour of the Opening Ceremonies broadcast. I’m going to miss the first half hour of the replay now. But by the time I go to bed tonight I’ll have seen the whole thing.
Things Brett learned while watching the Parade of Nations with the kids – there’s a country called Togo. It has 2 delegates. The Tongan athlete that followed them was shirtless and covered in coconut oil, which Brett believes was freezing to his body. He was in the summer Olympics two years ago and switched sports.
What is up with the gloves on our Opening Ceremonies outfits?
It was a representation of the origins of Korea from the mountains and how everything comes from the same source and so it’s possible for everything to exist in peace and harmony. The two sided drums represent the Yin Yang, which originally meant the north and south side of the mountain, which both represent the mountain, and now means opposites existing in harmony. The drumming was showing how we can accomplish so much together. Now you are all caught up on the commentary before the Parade of Nations.
It’s the largest winter Olympic team ever actually.
And not just from us, that’s all countries.
I noticed that while watching curling yesterday.
Vice President Pence was there as the political leader from our country. He brought as his guest Fred Warmbier, whose son, Otto, was a prisoner in North Korea for 17 months before being sent home in a coma and shortly after died. Seated behind VP Pence was Kim Yo Jong, the sister of Kim Jong Un. Just how many political statements can be made in one night?
Brett thought that was a rather interesting statement as well.
The song after the Parade is 600 years old and about how you can find beauty in tragedy.
The thing that gets me about Asian cultures is how ancient they are. And so continuous.
The US coats have a heating element in the back to keep the wearer warm.
I actually do not like the song “Imagine.” We need to live for more than just today. We need something to die for because then you have something to live for.
The song presents a false illusion of peace. It’s a good illusion though because a lot of people have bought into it.
The lighted rings over the ski slope were drones.
Wind chill at the raising of the Olympic flag is -14. I hope the Tongan guy had a coat waiting for him.

Amanda: I saw that he switched. Wonder if he’s actually any good at his new sport.
They looked like reindeer or something in the brief glance I got at them.
Nice! And very interesting! Thank you!

Lisa: They are leather with fringe on the side of the pinky fingers.

Amanda: Cool!

Lisa: I figured that was the type of commentary you’d be interested in.

Amanda: We figured out Pence and the Sister. I also recognized the prime minister of Japan and his wife very quickly. Did not know about Mr Warmbier. Wow.
Also neat!
I agree about this. I love it.
Nice! I could use a coat like that.
Agreed. The sentiment of doing away with the things that divide us is good, but I don’t agree with these specifics.
Changing trains. Brb.

Lisa: I’ve noticed that the prime-time type commentary is different than the on-demand and live commentary.
Dang! Talk about a stair workout getting that Olympic flame up that hill.
The two women carrying it up the stairs are on the Korean women’s ice hockey team, one from the north and one from the south.
They said that due to time there were some aspects of the ceremony that they weren’t broadcasting but all of it, sans commentary, is available online. Running time including commercials from the finish for broadcast was 2.5 hours.

Amanda: Thanks! We were wondering! They were really neat.

Lisa: Goblins have magical abilities that help humans and give us luck.

Amanda: 😬 I hope so too.

Lisa: It’s goblins dancing after the cauldron lighting.

Amanda: Okay. That’s definitely weird. Makes about as much sense as reindeer.

Lisa: I like watching the Opening Ceremonies for the cultural information they share.

Amanda: Makes sense I suppose, though that does make for extra work and cost.

Amanda: Seriously!

Lisa: Here’s a good picture of the gloves – https://slate.com/culture/2018/02/team-usas-opening-ceremony-outfits-for-the-pyeongchang-games-reviewed.html
Pretty sure our kids didn’t see all these fireworks at the end because I didn’t hear them crying, and they would’ve.

Amanda: The announcers at the stadium announced that, and the other torch and flag bearers names and roles.
Hmmm. I wonder what you missed.
I am not currently remembering the goblins. 🤔

Lisa: Fire dancers at the end.

Amanda: Are they going horseback riding later? 🤨

Lisa: Probably just shortened songs and dance things.
They’re taking up falconing.
We’re all cowboys here, remember?

Amanda: Ha!
Okay. Sort of coming back.
Bummer. Those were cool. Also probably didn’t see ALL of the parade of nations.

Lisa: I think they showed every country for at least a moment.

Amanda: Me too! I’m looking forward to the Tokyo Games to see what I already know and can figure out without commentary. I also suspect I will get homesick.
That must be it.
We got equal time with all of them.

Lisa: I had to watch the US team take selfies for probably 10 minutes as they walked in.

Amanda: So, to have this all make sense in a blog, you’re probably going to have to put my responses as if we were actually going back and forth and responding immediately.

Lisa: 8 other countries were announced while they kept showing us. After the commercial break they went back and showed the ones they missed for just long enough to say what the country was and who was carrying the flag.
I’m not sure how I’m going to organize it for the blog. I’ll figure that out tomorrow.

Amanda: 😂

Lisa: Also tomorrow I have to figure out more than what socks I’m going to wear for my lesson on Sunday, like, the lesson.

Amanda: For a second I was worried because that would be too late. But then I remembered that it’s Saturday tomorrow for you.

Lisa: Time zones are crazy things.

Amanda: Very.

Lisa: I’ll be picking it up with snowboarding and luge tomorrow morning it looks like from the broadcast schedule.

Amanda: 👍🏻