Trucks and Trains!

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One advantage of being with small children all day is finding the joy in the small things again. With no meetings to get to and a schedule all our own we are able to take time to explore the things that make them smile.

For example, instead of hoping to not get stopped by a train on our way home, we actually do a u-turn and park next to the tracks so we can watch it.

And instead of just noticing that they’re clearing land for a new housing development as we drive down the road, we grab our water bottles, put on some sun screen, park the car, and walk down the path next to the new development to spend an hour watching the trucks and waving at the construction guys.

Big mom-ing wins are often found in the little things.

2 shared thoughts about Trucks and Trains!

  1. Brett says:

    I’m glad you took that video. Shimei’s outfit needs to be preserved. :brett:

  2. Giggle

    They’re little things to the big people, but big things to the little people!


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