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Well, it’s National Blog Posting Month again. And in all the history of this blog I have never not blogged every day for the month of November. That includes the year we got married (mid-November). But I cheated just a tad that month and pre-dated/post-dated a few because there was no way I was getting online the weekend we got married.

This year I will still have the goal to blog every day this month. However, because four children actually do keep a person rather busy, I’m disastrously behind on our private family blog about all their comings and goings and doings and such. So my goal for this month will be to do one catch-up post on our kids’ blog every day so that I can record all their littles while they are still little and we still remember them rather well. Because darn it all if they don’t all grow super fast. That still won’t get me caught up, but it will at least get me close enough that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Wish me luck!

And if you get a chance, sit down a few times this month yourself and record parts of your own story in whatever fashion you’d like.

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  1. Giggle

    You can do it!


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