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I’ve decided to go for a midnight run of several miles and then come home and drink hot tea and take a bubble bath to warm up from having gone running in 12 degree weather.

Holiday running is kind of fun. I went on July 4th after the fireworks. I ran on Halloween instead of staying home and handing out candy. My dad and I went out Christmas day before dinner. I remember one New Year’s when I was back in high school that my dad and I went for a New Years Eve run as well. I even remember hearing about a New Years Eve race where you start whenever you want as long as you’ve timed it so that everyone crosses the finish line at midnight.

I think I’m going to start at midnight though. We have a tradition in my family of watching the ball drop and then opening the front door and yelling “Happy New Year” to the street. A couple years ago the street answered back. I’ll let that moment be the start of my run.

I’m going to start 2008 running, literally, and we’ll see how the year goes from there. Maybe I can end 2008 with a kiss, since I’m not going to be starting it that way.

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  1. admin says:

    My Runner’s World email this morning had a story about a man who went for a New Year’s Eve run similar to mine last night. I thought it was the perfect story for me to read today. I think my run might become a tradition as well.

    Read the story: A Grand Total

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