Big run. Small thoughts

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At the finishCccccold!

Yes! I got the last of the toilet paper!

Yeah for people who sit in front of their house and cheer!

I thought my knee would last further than this.

Blister ate my toe.

Stupid head wind!!

Best dressed cheerer!I’m thinking I like ones with more spectators.

Stupid head wind!!

Old people on bikes patrolling the race are cute.

“Nuptials” is a strange word after you’ve run twenty miles.

If I could sit down at an aid station without having to sit there with the high school girls volunteering who would annoy me, I would just stop now.

The ambulance seemed a fitting back drop (no, I did not need it).Stupid head wind!!

I just really want to chew something! Wonder if Brett would randomly grab the pretzels on his way here.

LOVE the woman who gave me licorice!

What bright person decided mile 25 should be all up hill?!? Definitely not a person who ever ran a marathon.

If I had the legs I had at the beginning of the race, I could set a PR. But I don’t.

We like turtles! (maybe I would've run faster if I drew a rabbit)I will pass that woman if it’s the last thing I do! (I did!)

I have the best dressed cheerer here!

What bright person decided the race should end with a “sprint” up a sandy drive? Same bright person as before?

Blister ate my toe, again!! (Little toe is twice its size, because of a blister that practically wraps all the way around it, and the stain on my sock shows that there was one that popped there and then another one grew.)

Lots of comments from volunteers. Lots of comments from runners.

9 shared thoughts about Big run. Small thoughts

  1. Mom says:

    Yea, you finished 😀

  2. Giggle

    Woohoo! Also, I love your shirt. 😀

  3. Miss Giggles says:

    Stats from the official race results:
    Overall: 1148 out of 1246
    Women: 461 out of 520
    Females 30-34: 64 out of 69
    Finish: 5:22:55
    Pace: 12:19

    Splits (these were the exchange areas for the relay):
    6.6 miles: 1:09:22; pace: 10:31
    10.8 miles: 1:55:02; pace: 10:40
    19.2 miles: 3:45:37; pace: 11:46

    Also, it took me 2.5 minutes to get to the starting line. My official time and tag time is 5:22:55, but my gun time was 5:25:28.

    I’ll sit down with my watch and pull out my mile splits soon.

  4. emeth_veneeman says:

    What a beautiful face. :turtle:

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