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30 Days

Categories: Random

Except for February – Because it’s weird. Keep reading

The wish of mine heart

Categories: Gospel, Musings

What a different world we would live in if everyone understood that simple truth, that joy is possible and is part of the plan. … Keep reading

Well that’s just perfect

Categories: Random, Science & Tech

When I was 28, I was perfect. And that’s definitely better than being in my prime. … Keep reading


Categories: Life

Every so often we all need a deadline to help motivate us to get things done. Unpacking is definitely one of them. If I didn’t give myself an unpacking deadline I could draw it out for weeks and months. … Keep reading

Blessings from A to Z

Categories: Life

The hymn asks us to count our blessings, but what if we alphabetized them instead? I definitely have more than 26 blessings this year, but here’s one for each letter of the alphabet on this Thanksgiving Day. Keep reading

I believe you are thinking of February

Categories: Musings

You have one day to find that out, sir. One single day. Twenty-five measly hours. … Keep reading

One day

Categories: Family, Happy Things, Musings, Relationships

One day. Twenty-four hours. And your whole life can change. But is that really true? … (link to photos) Keep reading