The wish of mine heart

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In the Book of Mormon, Alma declares that the wish of his heart is that he could be an angel and share the gospel of repentance with the whole earth. He wants to speak with a voice like a trumpet. He wants to share the truth that redemption is possible with everyone. And he wants to do this so that there will be no more sorrow on the earth. He has seen much of sorrow, but he knows that there is an alternative.

Chapter 29 in Alma has always been one of my favorites. What a wish! What a heart felt desire! I think I used to be fascinated simply by the idea of wishing to be an angel, a heavenly messenger. But that chapter has continued to fascinate me for other reasons throughout the years. It is a chapter that I continue to learn from.

Even as I sat down to blog tonight it struck me that he didn’t just want to preach repentance, but it was redemption that he wanted to share. Redemption from all the bad and sorrow and wickedness of the world. A plan that allows us to leave that sorrow behind. A plan that takes us towards happiness and joy and light. And that such joy is possible. What a different world we would live in if everyone understood that simple truth, that joy is possible and is part of the plan.

And I am also left to sit here and wonder, if the true desires and wishes of my heart were to be written out for all the world to see tonight, what would you read? I know I can give voice to what I would hope the true desires of my heart are. But am I living in such a way that would show that? Am I pursuing those desires as goals or am I simply letting them be wishes and dreams?

What is the wish of your heart? What are you doing to reach it?

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