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Happy Halloween!! v. 2009

Categories: Happy Things, Quilting/Sewing/Knitting/Crafting

It’s Halloween! Here’s the story of this year’s costume(s). (with pictures!!) Keep reading

Trick or treating adult style

Categories: Random

I went “trick or treating” yesterday, adult style. It’s so much more fun now. Keep reading

Does milk roll off a nebula?

Categories: Science & Tech

Just for kicks and giggles, here’s a conversation Brett and I had by email today. And this isn’t all that weird for us. Some background information, a few several weeks or so ago we watched a Nova Science Now about the Hubble and have been talking about Hubble shots since. There’s also a side story with actual water rolling off an actual duck’s back. Keep reading

Again with the bad timing

Categories: Venting

Back in August I wrote a blog venting about how some things were just happening at the exact wrong time. Time to vent about the timing of a few things again… Keep reading

Ribbon turtles!!!

Categories: Happy Things

My favorite animal is elephants. Brett’s favorite is dolphins. So we’re having turtles at our wedding. Because it makes sense. And here’s one of them. Keep reading

Happy Birthday Miss Giggles

Categories: Happy Things, Proclamations, Science & Tech

Yeah!!! Miss Giggles is six today! After six years, and with a bit of putting the name around, yesterday I hit 30,000 hits. Yeah! A big thanks for that goes to my mom. (And a giveaway.) Keep reading

Orion rising

Categories: Happy Things, Life, Science & Tech

Orion is rising again. He’s always very comforting to me, possibly my favorite constellation. And it’s more than the fact that he’s easy to recognize. He’s the only constellation I’ve been able to see my whole life. Although for a year and a half he was standing on his head. Plus amazing images of the heavens. Keep reading