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Every so often we all need a deadline to help motivate us to get things done. Unpacking is definitely one of them. If I didn’t give myself an unpacking deadline I could draw it out for weeks and months. It’s not the most fun thing in the world to do (although it is slightly more fun than packing). It can get frustrating and tiring. And even though I know I’ll feel better when it’s all finished, that isn’t quite enough motivation to get me to get it done.

So instead I give myself a deadline by inviting people over a certain time after the move. Then things have to be finished by then. When I moved to Tucson I invited Brett over to go see the movie 27 Dresses and have some food for my half-birthday. I worked real hard for two weeks to get my place unpacked and presentable as a home. Funny thing, for the rest of the time I lived there, that was as unpacked as it ever got. But it was plenty.

With this latest move, we’ve given ourselves a little more than two weeks before we’ve invited a bunch of people over for a little shin-dig. We currently have one more week to go. And things are getting there. We make small progress every day. I believe at this point we have all the major furniture items we currently own where they need to be. The upper half of the kitchen is all finished. It’s slowly coming together. Just don’t look behind door #2 right now.

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