Blessings from A to Z

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The hymn asks us to count our blessings, but what if we alphabetized them instead? I definitely have more than 26 blessings this year, but here’s one for each letter of the alphabet on this Thanksgiving Day.

A – Air Conditioning. I live in Arizona. Enough said.
B – Brett. He is the biggest blessing in my life.
C – Computers. This one would seem obvious for anyone who knows me, but it was especially helpful this summer planning a wedding in Utah from Arizona. Brett and I kept track of everything on the computer.
D – Dancing. Salsa dancing, belly dancing, ballroom dancing. Dancing is good stuff.
E – Education. Both formally and informally, life would be so different without education.
F – Family. I love my family so much. And so many friends who are like family.
G – Gospel. So many of my blessings are wrapped up in the Gospel. Nothing would be the same without it.
H – Health. This might seem like a strange one for me this year, having a 7 month thumb injury and getting kidney stones, but really, I’m quite healthy. And I love what my body does for me.
I – Ice Cream. Ice cream can fix everything, especially a real bad day.
J – Journals. I don’t write daily any more, but I do write almost weekly. And I love that I have that space to record the special and sacred in my life.
K – Kissing. Because it’s fun. And that’s all I’m going to say. :kiss:
L – Languages. Portuguese has always been a special language for me. Now I’m watching Brett learn Hebrew and Greek and it’s so much fun for me. He involves me and it really is fun. And he’s learning a bit of Portuguese too.
M – Mechanics. While I’m not exactly thankful for all the car trouble I’ve had this year, I am grateful there have been people who were able to fix my car as quickly as they did.
N – Name. I love my name. I love the story of it. I love the connection I have with my ancestors because of the name Giles. And I’m grateful that I am not getting rid of any of that story but just adding another chapter.
O – Opportunities. I have so many opportunities in my life, opportunities to grow and learn and create and live. How amazing is this life?!
P – Prayer. It really is the solution to any problem. How grateful I am to have it in my life.
Q – Quilting. Where would my sanity be if I didn’t quilt? Let’s not ponder that question too long. It’s been wonderful this year to do the quilts I did.
R – Running. The other key to my sanity. The inspiration to many great thoughts. And my source of relaxation. I’ve had some good runs this year.
S – Sewing. I know it might have seemed like I did a lot of sewing for our wedding, and I did, but I loved every minute of it and I love that my mom taught me to sew so that I could make our wedding so personal.
T – Teeth. I went to the dentist last month for the first time in probably five years. The only thing they could say to me was I could floss if I wanted to.
U – Universe. I love the feeling of awe I get when I look up into the sky. And I love sharing what I know about the stars and planets with Brett.
V – Veterans. I love this country and I’m so grateful for all those who gave so much for it.
W – Washing machines. I have a washing machine I can use in my house again. I love it! It’s the simple things in life, really.
X – Xeriscaping. I know some people don’t think it’s pretty, but I really like it. You can have lots of textures and colors, and it’s easy to take care of. And it goes great with all the cactus around here.
Y – Yarn. I’ve had so much fun knitting over the last year. And I’ve really enjoyed the crocheting that my sister has done. She does cute stuff.
Z – Zoos. I’ve been to two this year, the St. Louis Zoo and the Hogle Zoo, and had a great time at each.

Happy Thanksgiving

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  1. Mitali says:

    We have very similar personalities and interests. 😀 Many of my alphabet letters would have been the same!


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