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Yummy food!

Categories: Food

The chicken I made last week and the pizza I made this week. Keep reading

Book Lover’s Questionnaire

Categories: Books, Meme

35. Do you remember how you developed a love for reading? I don’t remember ever not loving reading. And I fully blame my parents for that. And I hope it’s something my kids will blame me for. … Keep reading

Un, Half, and Whole

Categories: Family, Happy Things

A person does not have 364 un-birthdays in a year. They only have 363. Because they also have one half-birthday in addition to their one whole birthday. … Keep reading


Categories: Books, Education, Work

Reflections on the movie, “Where the Wild Things Are,” the children in my life, and teaching. Keep reading

Finding something that works

Categories: Random, Relationships

Nobody has to do things the exact same way everyone else does, just find something that works for you! … Keep reading

I belong!

Categories: Education, Family, Relationships

I moved to Arizona two years ago. I’ve paid taxes. I’ve served jury duty. But last summer the University insisted I wasn’t a resident of Arizona (not sure where they thought I was a resident of if that was the case). … Keep reading

If I could

Categories: Relationships

Yesterday, Manolo for the Brides had a post with just that title. The idea was to think of what you would do for your wedding if money and time were not an issue. … Keep reading