Un, Half, and Whole

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A person does not have 364 un-birthdays in a year. They only have 363. Because they also have one half-birthday in addition to their one whole birthday.

Yesterday was my half-birthday. This is not a holiday that Brett celebrates. Which is unfortunate. It is, however, a holiday that I celebrate. And he humors me. For the last many years I have gone to a movie for my half-birthday. In fact, our first date after I moved to Tucson was a movie for my half-birthday. I was fully prepared to count us going to “Where the Wild Things Are” last week as the movie for my half-birthday.42D

Instead, he took me out to dinner last night, Chipotle since we needed to go to the mall to get one of Brett’s Christmas presents that I told him we’d get when they went on sale (calendar). And then we rented “Toy Story” to watch today.

You’d think that someone as in love with Pixar as I am (don’t worry Brett, I love you more) would have seen all of the Pixar movies. Sadly, this is not true. I did not discover Pixar until “A Bug’s Life” (at which point I contemplated becoming a computer animator instead of a teacher I loved the movie so much), and missed Toy Story (I even own all of them, including the DVD of shorts, except for the Toy Story ones). Since our trip to Disneyland though we have decided that there are certain Disney movies that we should probably watch, especially the ones that have a ride themed after them. And we’re starting with Toy Story.

He talks & sings!

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  1. Mimi says:

    What was the verdict about Toy Story? I personally like the movie. Oh and happy half birthday! Maybe Brett will come around to celebrating half-birthdays, hope springs eternal!

  2. Giggles says:

    The verdict? I love it. It’s wonderful. And I think I like it more now knowing so much more about Pixar. I noticed so many of the things in the background that they hid all over about them. Loved it. We had a lot of fun watching it.

    Of course we’ll be adding this to our library. Luckily, they are releasing it again in May.


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