The government says so

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It took me more time to print off articles to read while I was waiting at the Social Security office than it did for me to actually wait for them. Didn’t even get through one paragraph while I was sitting there.

Several questions later and the government now recognizes my name as Lisa Marie Giles Dennis (first name = Lisa; middle name = Marie Giles; last name = Dennis). I called Brett when I left because I figured he should be the first to know.42D

I’m going to say that was a big hit with reality this morning for me. It still seems just this side of strange.

4 shared thoughts about The government says so

  1. Giggle

    Congratulations! Again! Hooray!!! :woot:

  2. emeth_veneeman says:

    Wait… which side of strange is this side? :turtle:

  3. Miss Giggles says:

    I actually debated if it was this side or that side of strange. :elephant:

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