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The things I get paid to do.

I’m a S.W.A.M.

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My plans for my degree have been to be a scholar. … I spend my day observing a small case study of all the learning and child development theories I’ve spent over a decade studying (ie, I spend the day playing with my daughter). Keep reading

Choosing a job

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My grandpa lived through the depression and was of the opinion that if you had a job that supported your family that was more important than if you liked your job. And at certain times there is wisdom in that. Keep reading

Choosing to fly a jet

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In sixth-grade I was going to be an astronaut/teacher/author. … It did not take me long to decide that being an astronaut was probably not the right career choice for me. I could have made it work, but it would have interfered with other plans I had for my life. Keep reading

Choosing to fail or quit

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Making the mistake of choosing to fail through non-decision should be a choice you only make once. But choosing to quit does not make you a quitter or a failure. Keep reading

Who knew!

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The only problem is being coherent enough when the phone rings at 5am to figure out what I’m doing that day. Keep reading

The entire world flips upside down

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Apparently women are now in control of this nation … This shift is changing every aspect of our culture, including our most intimate relationships within the family. Keep reading


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I have stood in front of a classroom as a teacher every August since. Until this August. Ten Augusts of starting a new school year as a teacher. This August, not by my choice, I’m not. It’s strange. I miss it. Keep reading