2009 Injury Report (and a few random things)

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It’s official. I have been injured in 2009 (Already? & E ao que sofre dores), and while it is a stupid injury, I did it good. After three weeks of my thumb hurting, and in some senses it almost seemed to be getting worse, I finally called a doctor and went in today.

It was teaching day at the sports clinic, so I got three doctor visits for the price of one. First the nurse took my basic statistics. Then student number one came in and pulled and pushed and poked and asked me if it hurt, and it did. And then she went out and they had a pow-wow. Then she came back with student number two and he pulled and pushed and poked and asked me if it hurt, and it did. And then they both left and had a pow-wow. And then the nurse came back and double checked what insurance I had for paper work. Then both students and the doctor came in and the doctor pulled and pushed and poked and asked me if it hurt, and it did.

They decided I did not break anything. But I have irritated and inflamed the tendon. I have strained the ligaments. And I pulled the muscle.

So the nurse put a splint on my wrist and thumb leaving me with only one opposable thumb, and then asked me to sign the papers she had. Maybe we should have done that in reverse order. I have to wear the splint for a week or so until it stops hurting.

This is probably my favorite news story of the day, possibly even the week. The first story about the incident made me laugh. This story makes me guffaw. Funeral services scheduled for murdered toilet. I serioulsy doubt the news people got through that segment without laughing.

When I moved to Tucson I was trying to figure out what news station I wanted to watch. I ended up giving up the news because the reporters on all the stations annoyed me. But I did something similar to what this kid did to try to figure out what was best (Fifth-grade declares the Live 5 Weather Team the best in the state), comparing their forecasted temperatures with the actual ones. One of them was WAY off. I still have my data somewhere. But I could’ve told that kid KSL was the best. But then I’m a bit of a KSL groupie. Wish they had KSL here.

The bet this time, on the exercise side, is four days of 30 minutes of cardio each week (I also have to get 8 hours of sleep five nights a week, and yes dad, I’m actually doing it). So today between work and class I walked the stairs in my building. There are 8 floors (counting the first floor basement). So I walked all 132 stairs, up and down, nine times in half an hour. THAT was a good exercise.

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  1. mom says:

    I read this story when it first came out in the Deseret News and thought it was real funny. But this is even better. May I add my regards to the remaining fixtures. Talk about when Life hands you a lemon, have fun with it.

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