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I have never been to a political rally before. It was quite interesting. There were roughly 2,000 people there. Most were wearing black. Most were students at the three state universities. As I walked from my car to the rally area (ironically, I ended up parking at the state education building), the people I passed saw my sign and said encouraging things about what we were doing.

It was an energetic group, but for the most part, they were also respectful. The two people that I saw who were being excessively disruptive were not students. My mom thinks they were leftover hippies.

Several of the members of both the House and Senate came out to speak to us and say that they heard us, both Republicans and Democrats came and spoke. One thing a lot of them said that I found interesting, was that education needs to not be a partisan issue. And yet every Democrat that spoke was saying it was the Republican’s fault. There was quite a bit of subtle, and not so subtle, Republican bashing going on. Seems a bit partisan to me. One of the politicians who spoke to the news said he was not looking forward to being re-elected last year because he knew this budget crisis was coming. If he didn’t want to be e-elected, why did he run?

The three solutions to the budget problem I have heard are not cures, they are rather very small band-aids for a very large wound. I am afraid that our culture is too focused on the now or the immediate future to work on anything real effective over the long term. But I will still hope for the best.

The education committee has set up a website. Not sure what that’s for –

The local news covered it, as well as NPR. I also took pictures while I was there.

One advantage of having your own sign at a rally – you have your own shade.
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  1. Miss Giggles says:

    Utah students are facing a similar cut this year. They are having a rally on Friday morning in Salt Lake at 10:30am (Student stirs political interest among peers)

    I wish them luck in their efforts.

  2. Miss Giggles says:

    Some news about the results here in Arizona:
    $1.1B in AZ cuts all but certain
    Which basically means it sucks, big time.

    And some reports on the rally in Utah:
    Students protest proposed budget cuts
    Students rally for higher ed funding

    Reading reports and thinking about it here yesterday, I have to say I lost faith in the Arizona government. And they really didn’t disappoint that loss of faith.

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