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IVF – what it is, and why it isn’t the same as abortion

Categories: Health, Infertility, Politics

IVF parents value the life of an embryo in ways others cannot…. Putting reproductive technology in the same category as abortion is wrong. Keep reading

The effect of SB 1376 on our family

Categories: Family, Health, Infertility, Politics

Have you told Arizona senators they have no right to interfere with the creation of life? These are the letters I’ve written thus far. Keep reading

Big Things

Categories: Education, Family, Health, Infertility, Life, Politics

One month from today I will defend my doctoral dissertation. Oddly though, getting my doctorate will not be the biggest thing I do in 2013. … If you live in Arizona, please let your state senator know you do not support SB 1376. If you do not live in Arizona, please contact our state senator and let her know this bill could negatively affect our family. Keep reading

Feats of manliness?

Categories: Random

I finally figured out what the point of wall ball is, and it wasn’t what I thought. It’s a game for those who lack a fully developed pre-frontal cortex. Keep reading

Drinking from a hydrant

Categories: Gospel

The past two Saturdays I have spent 12 hours each with the young women in our ward listening to almost the entire Book of Mormon. … I came home from the first day and told Brett I felt like I’d been drinking scriptures from a fire hydrant. Keep reading

Perfect in our imperfection

Categories: Happy Things, Relationships

Is it possible that Brett and I are too incompatible to be together? … That’s what makes us meant to be together.
Keep reading

A heartfelt quilt

Categories: Quilting/Sewing/Knitting/Crafting

I’ve finished a Valentine wall quilt for our entryway. But what side do we hang facing forward? Keep reading