The effect of SB 1376 on our family

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Have you told Arizona senators they have no right to interfere with the creation of life? These are the letters I’ve written thus far.

Senator Griffin,

I am a pro-life constituent in your district. My greatest dream and desire has always been to be a mother. Unfortunately, due to certain medical conditions, that dream would never be a reality without medical treatment. We are one of the 1 in 8 couples in the United States medically diagnosed with infertility. After years of tests, procedures, and treatments, there is now a growing little girl inside me who likes to kick me awake each morning, who moves around when her dad talks to her after work, and who is the product of IVF.

I am pro-life, especially the life of my daughter and her future siblings who are currently embryos waiting at our doctor’s office. The passage of SB1376 has the potential to threaten the lives of our future children.

The reporting required by SB1376 is already required by the CDC. Additional reporting has the potential to violate the privacy of the doctor/patient relationship. Future regulation of IVF in the state of Arizona would limit the access state residents have to necessary medical care, limiting the rights of families and their future children.

My husband and I have supported you and voted for you in the past. But your support and vote for SB1376 would remove our support and votes in the future.

Please consider the 12% of families in your district who this bill will negatively affect. Do not restrict their rights to medical treatment.

Lisa M. G. Dennis, M.Ed.

This is a copy of the letter I sent to the local news stations.

I am one of the 12% of Tucsonans who are diagnosed with the medical condition of infertility. The only way we can realize our dreams of a family is through medical intervention, interventions such as IVF. After two years of tests and procedures, including surgery, it was determined that the only medical treatment that would help our condition was IVF. Even then we suffered two miscarriages and three failed attempts before one of our embryos took hold and is now a very active little girl we are expecting to meet later this summer. We are fortunate to still have some embryos remaining that are waiting to hopefully be our daughter’s siblings in the future.

Unfortunately, Senate Bill 1376 has the potential to limit the access Arizonans will have to such medical treatment in the future. The reporting required by SB 1376 is already required and published by the CDC. Future regulations of IVF that may result from this reporting would limit the rights of Arizonans and their children. It could endanger the future of our embryos currently awaiting a chance for life.

Infertility patients already must face a seemingly overwhelming range of emotions and challenges in their efforts to have children. The invasion of the privacy of the doctor/patient relationship this bill would impose is one more challenge they should not have to deal with.

Thank you for listening to my story. I appreciate any coverage you could give this bill.

Lisa M. G. Dennis, M.Ed.

When I pull out my academic initials like that, you know I mean business. I have had no responses from anyone so far. I’ll be making phone calls later today.

And while you’re at it, check out this amazingly worded letter to Senator Ward about the right we DO have to make life – Almost a Father – Dear Senator Ward: We have EVERY Right to Create OUR Embryo in a Lab in Arizona

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6 shared thoughts about The effect of SB 1376 on our family

  1. Whitney says:

    You are my hero right now, I am hoping they listen to the personal stories from the AZ citizens and reconsider their vote.

  2. Denice says:

    Ditto! You are also my hero. I applaud you for doing something about it.

  3. Lena says:

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Also, congrats on the baby GIRL! 🙂

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