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Imagine your children. Imagine your life with them. This should be especially easy if you have children. Imagine the changes they have made to your life and your heart. Imagine the joy they bring.

Now imagine that because of a medical condition either you or your spouse has – your children never existed. What difference would that make in your life? In your heart? Where would you be today without your children?

Now imagine there is medical treatment for your condition that would give you back your children. That would give life to your children. But imagine that the laws of the land make it, if not extremely difficult, actually impossible to get that medical treatment. Imagine that politicians, politicians who have children, who never struggled to have children, who do not realize the odds are many of their friends have struggled to have children, have decided that because of your medical condition you are unfit to bear children, that you do not value the life of a child enough to have them even though you are more than willing to sign away your entire life savings if it meant you could get the medical treatment that would allow you to have children.

Now stop imagining and realize that is exactly what politicians in Alabama, Arizona, Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Washington are doing right now.

These politicians do not value the life of the 5 MILLION people who are on this earth as a result of IVF, people who would only exist in the imagination of their parents if it were not for IVF and the surrounding research.

My children deserve to live in more than just my imagination.

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6 shared thoughts about Imagine your children

  1. Brett says:

    “As a lawmaker in the state of Arizona, how is being concerned with and wanting to know how life is being created and treated in Arizona not a laudable goal or worth pursuing? To say that every health-related bill must improve patient care and pregnancy outcomes otherwise it should not be made law is ridiculous.” –Senator Nancy Barto

    I believe that’s EXACTLY what every health-related bill should be designed to do. Seriously, are these people public servants or is the public their servant? This is none of your business, Ms. Barto, and I don’t think I’m stepping over a line to respectfully demand that you butt out. :brett:

    • Giggles says:

      Is Senator Nancy Barto also interested in the sexual positions and events that create life outside of the need for medical help? Or just how infertile couples create life? Wouldn’t that be discrimination based on physical disability?

      If a health-related bill does not improve the health of patients then it’s not a very good bill.

  2. Denice says:

    I would think that they have something better to occupy their time. I can’t believe they want to be involved with this.

  3. Mama G says:

    Your children need to live so I can spoil them like a good Grandma.

  4. Whitney says:

    I like what Mama G said ^^^
    And why are you, someone who would give up their live savings for a baby less deserving than those women who are unhealthy (i.e. drugs, STDS, and the like) accidently get pregnant, they keep those children…. sometimes even (forgive me for my harshness and judgemental tone) most of the time for government handouts!
    Lawdy, don’t get me started!

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