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A Day in My Head

Categories: Random

Today I thought I’d share several of the random thoughts that ran through my head at various points during the day. This way you can get a small glimpse of what it is like to have my brain. Where did … Keep reading

Mais Bençãos

Categories: Education, Family, Gospel, Happy Things, Health, Life, Musings, Relationships, Remembers, Work

There are so many things I have to be thankful for in my life. There is no possible way I could begin to list them all. I am thankful for my family; my faith; a place to live; the most … Keep reading

The importance of small things

Categories: Learn Something, Random

Tonight I stopped at the grocery store to get stuff to make a pasta salad for tomorrow. While I was there I remembered that I am on my last roll of toilet paper so I should probably get some more. … Keep reading

Your job in five words

Categories: Education, Science & Tech, Work

I have been given the task of describing my job in as few words as possible. And I’m stuck. How do I describe what I do without giving a 20 minute presentation? I’ve been doing this for so many years … Keep reading

The biggest yippy there is

Categories: Education, Happy Things, Life, Science & Tech

I received this email this morning. Isn’t email great? It’s so instant. The faculty met about a week ago and recommended your admission into our PhD program. I will be your initial advisor. You will be getting more information soon. … Keep reading

I am a Rock. I am a Continent

Categories: Relationships

Simon and Garfunkel sang a song called “I am an island.” Part of that song goes: I touch no one and no one touches me I am a rock, I am an island And a rock feels no pain And … Keep reading

Migraines, Bubble Baths, and the Book of Mormon

Categories: Happy Things, Health, Learn Something

Migraines Migraines are interesting creatures. If I can focus enough to concentrate on the two different halves of my head, the left half of my head is just fine. In fact, everything but the right half of my head is … Keep reading