A Day in My Head

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Today I thought I’d share several of the random thoughts that ran through my head at various points during the day. This way you can get a small glimpse of what it is like to have my brain.

  • Where did that wiggly eye come from? There’s nothing around that has wiggly eyes is there? How did it fall out of my bed?
  • That was a weird dream. I hope I can remember it.
  • I’m going to have to make sure my laundry gets put away as soon as it’s done. I really don’t want them showing my apartment when I’m drying my laundry.
  • Where do I even start packing?
  • I need to remember to take pictures of my tires.
  • It’s interesting that there are some people who probably think I like them when in reality I just tolerate them for various reasons. I wonder how many people just tolerate me.
  • Ooo, now that’s pretty.
  • Seems like there are certain things that you just have to keep telling certain people over and over again because for some reason they never quite hear you.
  • What possesses people to honk at runners? It doesn’t matter what I’m wearing, someone will honk at me. I can understand it a bit when it’s summer and I’m wearing running shorts. But I had one 3-5 layers tonight. Why do they honk?
  • I move my head a LOT more than I thought when I ran. I didn’t realize my head moved back and forth like that. My eyes stay still. I didn’t realize my eyes were moving like that so that I’m always looking forward while my head goes side to side like that. I wonder what it’s like to watch my eyes while I run.
  • My shoulder does better when I run.
  • I just had the remote. Where’s the remote?
  • Wow. That’s been there a whole year. Doesn’t seem like it. Time is weird.
  • I can’t remember that dream.
  • I have a LOT of fabric.
  • Doesn’t seem like it should be that hard to find an apartment that has washer/drier hook-ups, does it?
  • I need to paint my fingernails for tomorrow.
  • It doesn’t hurt where it’s the darkest. It hurts right above that.
  • My feet are COLD!

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