Monthly Archives: May 2013

Otter Pops

Categories: Food, Health, Musings, Random

A while back I read a post from a friend of mine about how her growing baby was made up of all the things she was eating. Which makes sense when you think about it… I sure hope there’s a lot of iodine and omega-3 in Otter Pops. Keep reading

Not Forgotten

Categories: Life

Thank you to all who serve for your dedication and service. May you never be forgotten. Keep reading

I like our boat

Categories: Family, Folks, Happy Things

A friend asked me if we had plans for an upcoming holiday, saying he knows we tend to do our own thing in our house and added a “whatever floats your boat” comment as well. I replied that I like our boat. Keep reading

Dreaming for two

Categories: Family, Random, Relationships

I’ve heard that bad dreams during pregnancy are common. I think it’s also a common graduate school symptom. So my dreams have been exceptionally bizarre lately. Keep reading

Phinally Phinished

Categories: Education, Happy Things

Some time around Labor Day in 1983 I became a formal student for the first time when I started kindergarten. I have been in the classroom for the last thirty years. Friday my days as a formal student ended. Keep reading

My First Mother’s Day

Categories: Family

Is this my first Mother’s Day? I still don’t technically have a child. She’s moving around a lot and is already displaying her personality. But we haven’t actually met her yet. Keep reading

Women and education

Categories: Education, Questions

What do you think is the purpose of education in our culture? What is the purpose of education in your life? Keep reading