My First Mother’s Day

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Is this my first Mother’s Day? I still don’t technically have a child. She’s moving around a lot and is already displaying her personality. But we haven’t actually met her yet. Would next year be my first Mother’s Day? By then she will have been born and we’ll be holding her and getting to know her even better. What about last year when I spent the day on our couch because that morning we’d gone in to the doctor for our fourth IVF transfer and come home with two five-day old blastocysts inside me and I wanted to do everything I could to take care of them? I felt like a mother that day. Was I mother that day even though neither of them implanted and grew to become a baby?

Brett has honored me on Mother’s Day since we were first married. That first year he got me PHP 5 For Dummies because he knows I much I love tinkering with the blog code and I got him the audio Greek New Testament for Father’s Day because I know how much he loves studying the Bible. We weren’t parents in the technical sense, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t celebrate the potential and dreams we both had.

My first Mother’s Day will not be the one where I’m holding a child because Brett has always honored me as a mother. I’m sure it will feel different this year than it has in past years. And I’m sure that next year will be different yet again.

Motherhood comes in many forms, some of them more easily recognized than others. I hope all mothers, of all types, feel loved and cherished today.

Edit: This is going to be a great project about what defines motherhood – The R House: What is Motherhood?

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  1. Brett says:
    1 person giggled

    I like to think that we are even now ancestors of generations yet unborn. :brett:

  2. Denice says:

    You are certainly a mother, even though you haven’t given birth yet. Not only are you Iddo’s mother but you are a mother figure to all of your young women. I am grateful that Brett honors you every Mother’s Day.

  3. Whitney says:

    Absolutely you are a mother!! I struggle with feeling like I am one, but I totally believe YOU ARE!
    I think you are Brett are the cutest even thought we’ve never met!


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