I like our boat

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A friend asked me if we had plans for an upcoming holiday, saying he knows we tend to do our own thing in our house and added a “whatever floats your boat” comment as well. I replied that I like our boat.

Our boat includes celebrating Towel Day (this Saturday, we’re having Cottage Pie for dinner, the only British dish I know how to make), Pi Day (we eat pies), the Ides of March (Little Caesar’s Pizza for dinner), wearing hats and picking ponies for the Kentucky Derby, half birthdays, eating tacos every Monday, blowing kisses when we leave in the morning. I fixed a steak dinner with a raspberry glaze, strawberry and spinach salad, with cheesecake topped with fruit for dessert once when we were dating and Brett asked me if it was a national berry day or something (not a bad idea, but I was just going for a cohesive dinner).

Monday I wrote a guest post for the website A Practical Wedding about how the little daily things are traditions that help us connect on a daily basis. These little things we do keep our boat floating every day. The big traditions we do for major holidays can give that boat direction and connect us to others out side of us. But I love how our little “quirks” connect us to each other from one day to the next.

We really do have a great little boat going here.

6 shared thoughts about I like our boat

  1. Brett says:

    Unfortunately for the father of our country, “Washington Crossing the Delaware” will have to assume a second-place position to what is now the most legendary boat in American history. :brett:

  2. mama g says:

    I like your boat. Dad and I have a nice boat too. :D

  3. Denice says:

    You two have a wonderful boat.

  4. Michele says:

    Hooray for Pi day! A favorite at our house, too. And I absolutely love the “boat” thing.

  5. Giggle

    There are so few traditions here, compared to there…and much less patriotism as a result.

    • Giggles says:

      I’m not sure what “here” and “there” you are referring to. Traditions are very important though to connect us to our past, present, and future.