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Categories: Education, Gospel

As I thought about how we are supposed to learn throughout our lives I decided there were three main sources or types of learning we can do – formal, semi-formal, and informal. Keep reading

What you say says a lot

Categories: Life, Relationships, Science & Tech

Brett wasn’t the only guy to contact me through that particular site. But he was pretty much the only one I judged worthy of my time. And it was based almost solely on his use of capitalization, punctuation, and spelling – he used them, others didn’t. Keep reading

Blue eyes

Categories: Health

Now I know that I have a spot/web/thingy on my right retina that is common in near-sighted people but also puts me at much greater risk of my retina detaching. So no hitting me on the right side of my head, okay? Keep reading

Three birthdays, three temples

Categories: Family, Gospel

When I lived in Utah I had a goal to attend every LDS temple in the state. As of Saturday Brett and I have been to every temple in Arizona. Keep reading

Palindrome either way

Categories: Family, Happy Things

I’m now a palindrome either way you look at it – decimal (33) or binary (100,001). And it’s started out awesome!! Keep reading

Small steps

Categories: Science & Tech

So many small steps over 50 years. May we never stop dreaming, never stop exploring, both as a people and as individuals. Keep reading

School Supply Proclamation

Categories: Education, Happy Things, Proclamations

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Mrs. Giggles, webmaster of Miss Giggles and all associated sites, do hereby proclaim now to be “Time to buy school supplies,” … Keep reading