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I ran out of contacts last year. And the last time I’d been to the eye doctor was when I was getting smart looking glasses to start my PhD with at the end of 2007. 8) I’ve been wearing said smart looking glasses for the last year but decided I’d like the option of contacts again. Which meant finding an eye doctor here.

It would be convenient to just go to Target or Wal-Mart to get a prescription. But all they can do is tell me how bad my eyesight is, they can’t tell me how healthy my eyes are. So even though my appointment on Monday took an hour and required my eyes being dilated (the drops sting, it hurts to be outside for a few hours because your eyes are so sensitive to light, and your near vision gets really messed up) and then numbed to check out the pressure in my eye ball, it’s worth it for me to go to an opthamologist and not just an optometrist. Now I know that I have a spot/web/thingy on my right retina that is common in near-sighted people but also puts me at much greater risk of my retina detaching. So no hitting me on the right side of my head, okay?

Also, my prescription has not changed at all in 3.5 years. If anything she says we might have been slightly over correcting on my left eye. A stable prescription means lasik would be great for me. Now we just need to pay off our other debts so I can do that.

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  1. michelle.mdc says:

    Kim’s thinking about Lasik. I think she’s going to do it after her black belt test.


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